7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website is the topic of the day!

In this article, I will describe briefly 7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website. I hope this article will offer you some basic insights in a couple of ways you can utilize to direct some online traffic to your website! Topday’s traffic possibilities are literally billions of visitors searching online for their particular content daily!

The website authors are “fighting for the traffic!” They need “The good old traffic!” Each of them wants a bunch of visitors to come across their created content and to stay on it, as long as possible, to buy something, or to do something else on their content! The crowd of people visiting your site is called variously like “visitors to the website”, “potential prospects”, “the website audience”, “website traffic”, etc.

Do you want to drive some of that traffic to your website as well? I am sure you do!

Well, stay tuned and keep reading below to find out 7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website you desire and carve for!

But is that easy to drive the targeted traffic to your website? Especially if you are an inexperienced online marketer, a newbie or out of money?

Please, I don’t want you to feel resigned now, already at the start of our companionship today! As one says: “in the hope, there is a salvation!”

So, don’t give up. It is still possible to gain targeted traffic to your site. The desired traffic can come from many ways online and offline. There are lots of resources where to get the traffic.

Having said that, let us dive into it now!


The 7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website article is a brief overview of the 7 methods you can use in your daily praxis when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Each of the methods is a special subject for itself and requires a separated view and study of it.

However, the 7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website listed below will help you to understand the problem of getting targeted traffic to your website, and to start thinking about how to approach to serious online marketing activities and start driving so desired targeted traffic to your website!

Continuing on the above, let us start with the first method which is…SEO or Search Engine Optiization!

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – Search Engine Optimization!

As mentioned before, the first common method, used since decades and on almost every website around the world is SEO – the Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization means optimization of your pages and overall content for search engines to be found and indexed easier and to get a better rank within SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

To learn more about SEO, visit this link!

Many people know how to implement SEO. The competition is huge. Thus, this method sometimes can be a hard one. Don’t understand me wrong. To learn how to implement SEO is not that difficult, but, because billions of pages are using SEO … you can imagine that only well-optimized pages stay ahead of the others!

This method helps to optimize the pages for search engines in a way that people searching for specific topics can find your content faster and easier.

Google capitalization chart

Google, as the biggest search engine, the real online and offline giant, approaching to $ 1 trillion of market capitalization, (see the video below, created with the data from Statista.com, about the incredible statistics for the desktop market share Google has for the year 2018) likes optimized content.

I am sure that you now realize how important is to optimize your pages well. Well, optimized pages will rank better, they will provide a better user experience and will bring much more targeted visitors to it, what in fact, is your ultimate goal.

Said so, your primary task and goal before creating your valuable content should be learning all about SEO! Again, If you don’t know where to start or whom to ask, click here to find out how you can start learning all about SEO right now, for free!

Now, you can turn to the creation of your content.

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website-Write valuable content on your site!


This is what Google is asking for. To offer the best possible content to their visitors! I am mostly mentioning Google in my articles because Google holds more than 80% of the world search engine market share. The other search engines work similarly, like Yahoo, Bing, and others, but they don’t have such a big share of the market.

Anyway, go and use them too! Yahoo and Bing as much smaller “players” in the search engine market field are still valuable platforms and sources for getting targeted traffic to your site!

Let’s come back to Google. This search engine is a great traffic source because billions or searchers search on search engines daily for their content.

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – Backlinking and Outbound links!

Backlinking and outbounds linking are the technics and strategies for getting traffic that many experienced online marketers use very often. What you do here is you trade your links with other websites and try to get links from valuable website pointing to your site. But, you need to know, that this trading is not that easy! Other website owners like to trade links with established websites that have a big amount of the traffic coming in, and websites that offer relevant content to their websites.

The relevancy is here important for you as well! There is no use in getting links from other websites which are not relevant to your niche.

If you can get relevant valuable links directing to your site, and this from established websites with a lot of traffic, then you are on the road of getting many more visitors to your site, and what is important, relevant and targeted visitors!

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – PPC marketing!

This kind of online marketing is one of the most effective ways to get visitors to your site. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” what means that you pay to the search engine who is running your PPC campaign, only when some visitor clicks on your ad.

Before creating your PPC campaign, you need to be sure that you are defining your budget because if you don’t do so you may lose money.

Not every PPC campaign is successful. Relevant ads are a priority. The Demographics plays a role as well. The frequency of the campaign and the consistency throughout the year will boost your campaign. Tracking of your result will help you to improve your promotional activities.

To learn more about PPC click here!

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – Social media sites!

This is huge! After SEO, one of the most important, if not the most important method of getting traffic to your site is social media marketing. Billions of people are active daily on such sites!

See the video below with the statistic from Statista.com about the monthly active users worldwide on various social media platforms.

You need to know that not every social media platform is suitable for the own kind of engagement and promotions. There are differences between them, so, for example, Facebook, which is the leader in the social media market worldwide, with approx., 2.2, billions of active users monthly, is great for interaction between friends and family, The follower Instagram with active monthly users of 1 billion, is more focused on sharing photos, while Twitter on fast communication and others in a community and sharing various content.

The popularity of social media sites increases with the improvement of the mobile technology.

Every day more and more people worldwide are using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to engage online in various ways.

Hence, it is a great medium for yourself to use for your promotional activities and driving traffic to your site. Because of that reason, when speaking about overall website creation and getting traffic to it, it is very important that you build up your website which is mobile user-friendly. More and more people worldwide will use their mobile devices instead of using their PC or Laptop devices. Especially smartphone usage increases dramatically over the past two-three years!

There are 7.6 billion people in 2018 worldwide. The number of mobile phone users in 2019 will reach almost 5 billion. It is actually 4.68 billion, what makes up 61% of the total population on Earth, and only growing!

Can you see the power of social media when it comes to finding the targeted traffic to your site?

Choose your preferred social media platform, depending on the sort of your content and the kind of your marketing activities targeting relevant audience, and share your content on it. Engage frequently and offer valuable, informative and attractive contents for your audience.

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – Write articles!

Writing articles is the so-called off-page SEO technique, which is very efficient and valuable! Another great way to attract visitors to your site.

It works like this:

  • Write articles loaded with valuable information
  • The articles you write should contain approx., 1500 – 2000 words, with paragraphs of 300 words. That makes approximately 5-7 paragraphs per article. Write also shorter articles, of just 500 – 600 words and test them how they work. However, I recommend writing longer articles. Create appealing headlines and insert relevant keywords, with approx., 5-6% density. Don’t insert too many keywords. Google doesn’t like that.
  • There are many sites online that will accept your article. One of the most known is Ezinearticles.com. There are many others. You may Google for more of them, and you will find many of them very quickly!
  • Write relevant articles if you are promoting the content related to your website. This is a very important issue because you want the readers of your articles to visit your site and possibly become your buying customers. If the article is not relevant to your site, you are going to lose your reader.
  • At the end of your articles, with the signature, include the link to your website. That way, every reader of your article, after finishing reading it, has a possibility to visit your site, what will create very nice targeted traffic to your site.

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – Create interactive content!

We already mentioned that your content needs to be relevant, high-valuable, up-to-date and interactive. Interactivity will lead to more engagement on your site what will lead to more time your visitors use to stay on your pages, what Google and other SE like. Thus, the length of the time your visitors stay on your page is also an important element of the SE algorithm that what will help you to achieve better rank in the SERP for your visited page, blog or post!

Interactivity options as a free e-book download, quizzes, surveys, contests, comments, feedbacks, various forms, tutorials, courses, live-chat, and more, will lead to, as already mentioned above, to longer engagement on your site and the visitors will probably even bookmark your page, thus, your site.

Please note that too many images and Flash files will not lead to more engagement. Make your site visually appealing. Don’t overkill your visitors with unnecessary graphics and media. Besides, too many such files will make your pages load slow and will distract your audience from your site.

So, be wise, use graphics and media files in a moderate way and offer user-friendly, visually appealing and interesting content and as a result of it your visitors will be happy to visit your pages and come back to your site more often.

7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website – Conclusion!

There you have it!

Your 7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website! Use them in your daily online activities! Start getting your targeted traffic now.

To recap:

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  2. Backlinking and Outbound links
  3. PPC marketing
  4. Social media sites
  5. Write articles
  6. Create interactive content

Targeted traffic to your website is the lifeblood of your business. These people visiting your site need your valuable content. They found you on the web and want to have something from you, an advice, a product, a service, they want to communicate, share, spend money …

There are many methods you can use to attract people to your site. The “7 great ways” mentioned above and the brief description of each, will remind you to start with something you can choose from, in order to drive traffic to your website.

Thus, keep them as a reminder. These methods are by all mean not the whole „bible“ of the targeted traffic. Anyway, follow   7 various ways of getting targeted traffic to your website and develop your promotional routine! Enhance your online and offline marketing skills and knowledge! Finally, what is most important, start getting the tremendous amount of traffic.

If you want to learn about this very important subject and become a master of online marketing, visit this link! Create your starter account now! Start learning all you need to satisfy your desire of attracting targeted traffic to your website!

If you liked the post, please, leave a comment below and I would be more than happy to open the discussion.

For any further questions, feel free to contact me and I would be glad to help you out!

26 thoughts on “7 various ways how to get targeted traffic to your website”

  1. Hi Igor,

    Great article! I am a bit of a SEO nerd so I love reading this stuff. You have some good suggestions on driving traffic but the one that stuck out to me was making a more interactive website. I don’t think I have done that very well so I will look into that. I’m also curious about traffic through PPC. In your experience, does that mostly work when you spend A LOT of money? I’m small time so I wonder if spending say, $100 dollars for PPC is just a waste of money. Thanks

    • Hi Kasey!

      In the online world any kind of traffic is helpful, I mean any kind of targeted and valuable traffic, not junk traffic! PPC is different from organic in a way that is padi and thus it is easier to get it. But, the PPC marketing needs to be prepared well, otherwise you will only spend money.

      Think a bit about offline paid marketing. What kind of add and where would you pay for? Who would you target? Spending even $100 is worthless if done just for testing.

      Make some researches about PPC, go through the training here at WA and tutorials and than plan your PPC accordingly, which is in any case useful way of marketing.

      Besides, if you bid high and get not to many visitors, and if these visitors are not valuable and buyer, what is the purpose of it? In my opinion good PPC is vers useful but planing is important. better way should be to start slower, get some revenue and than re-invest in such actions!

      Regarding the interactivity on the site the focus is on the time people stay on your content. It is an factor between other many factors Google is measuring for the overall page rank.

      if the people stay longer on your content, that means your site is valuable.

      Hope it helps a bit!
      Thanks for reply!
      Best regards!

  2. Great post and lots of valuable information.

    I’m struggling quite a time with my traffic, but in one of your tips I have an idea why my site isn’t so good for Google, by the mean my average post length is around 1400, which isn’t enough it seems.

    Never knew Google was so picky about it, but now I’ll pay attention to it.

    Also the Social Media part is something I know, but sometimes to lazy to share.

    So those 2 points are affecting my traffic.

    Thanks for sharing it, this will help me a lot!

    • Hi Emmanuel!

      Thanks for your reply!
      The length of the articles can vary! Sometimes shorter article can be fine! That depends on the topic and niche you are writing about. But in general, writing informational articles of 1500 – 2000 words in length per post will be fine. 

      Social media sharing is a work, regularly tasks to accomplish. There are some tools that can help you to accelerate the postings, but in that case read the posting policy of each of the social media you want to use as your sharing platform.

      The newest info about Google+ is that Google will shut down the Google+ sometime in 2019. Still, there are other very big once to use as your platforms.

      Best regards!

  3. Great tips love your marketing insight your amazing wow this is really great information that i havent been able to find anywhere else thank you so much for sharing keep up your amazing content my friend this is really helping build a great community here thank you so much. Your content really asks the right questions and gives the right information to take action and get results love it 

  4. Pingback: lash extension
    • Thanks a lot for your reply! I appreciate it!

      I am going to continue my writing! I am glad to hear my blog is informative!
      It tells me my efforts are bringing fruits!

      Best regards!

  5. Igor,
    Great article, I definitely learned a lot about optimization in getting people to your site. I love how detailed you were and the level of experience and expertise you carry.

    I have been growing my website the last few months and have written a lot of articles on it and have a question.

    I have been thinking about using PPC as a way to drive traffic to my website. I am worried that it won’t be that effective and would love your opinion if you have seen it being effective for you or others?

    And if so, which advertising you prefer (FB, Google, Bing, etc.)?

    Thanks again Igor and hope your day is blessed!

    • Hi Jesse!
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      Well, it is a good question! 

      Online advertising and online marketing is a very broad topic. There are more than 30-40 ways of marketing online, if not even more. So, when speaking about effective advertising online, there are more factors involved.
      I have to stress that there is no any “magic advertising formula” available. It is a lot about praxis and testing. Taking massive action. Free advertising takes longer, paid advertising can go faster, depending on the actions!

      Anyway, it is possible to pick up maybe the best or the most updated ways of it. Thus, I could start any way around. Lets start with your advertising plan. Do you have any? It includes the budget setting, frequency of posting, the right time for advertising, the targeted demographics, the relevancy, testing, tracking etc. To describe real advertising engagement is not easy in just a few sentences.

      Speaking about PPC it is definitely important that ads are very relevant. Further, you need to set up a budget and to define your bids. Go through the Bootcamp training about PPC and learn more about it.

      Massive action is needed. The competition is huge and you need a lot of people (targeted ones) to come on your ad. Frequency as well. But, start carefully, test the outcome and adjust. It is a process. As in the offline world, where, when, how often for how much, how would you advertise?

      The difference online is that you have other tools and technology in hand. But, very often, the principles are similar. You need a quality ad, massive action, targeted and relevant audience.

      Search engines are ga great source as well. Proper SEO can help.

      Facebook is still the biggest social media site (according to Statista.com). Check it out for others. Google+ is in coming. Follow the training in WA and more will be clear.

      Mobile advertising is big now. Your website should be Mobile friendly. Use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu SE.
      For example, SE like mostly content marketing and paid advertising. You can focus on that as well. Write appealing content and test paid advertising. 
      Blogging, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram. It is also not the same what social media you want to use, because each social media site has own purpose. 

      If I could summarize in a few words, i would say this: start carefully with PPC>take massive action>control the budget>relevancy>targeting>frequency>testing>tracking>adjusting constantly.

      You see, it is a process. Planning, working, developing, engaging, testing, adjusting!

      Now, to narrow all the things:
      1. SE
      2. PPC
      3. Facebook
      4. Google+
      5. Pinterest
      6. Instagram

      I hope I helped a bit!

      Best regards!

  6. Very informative article I learned a lot about what to do to try traffic. I realize getting indexed Is very important. That starts with quality content. I would mention your third menu on top is the privacy policy. I think it is better off at the end nobody but the FCC cares about it. Great information.

    • Hii Mickey!

      Thanks for the comment. Indexing is a prove that Google accepted your content and a step forward to getting pagerank.
      I will consider the remark about privacy policy!


      Best regards! 

  7. HI Igor,
    Thank you for this useful article, I didn’t thought that backlinks are so important for getting traffic.
    I will keep that in mind and will improve it on my websites.

    • Hi Shai!
      Backlinks are important, but you need to take care that it is about relevant backlinks coming from established websites or websites that are relevant as well and have a substantial amount of traffic!

      Thanks for the reply!
      Best regards!

  8. Hi Igor!
    I am pretty new to online marketing, and this article will be extremely helpful in my journey. These tips are a goldmine, thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to coming back here and learning more from you!

    • Thanks a lot. I am glad to hear that! It is my goal to deliver valuable content.
      Choosing a proper niche is indeed important to move on in the online marketing

      Please, feel free to come back for more tips.

      Best regards!

  9. Absolutely amazing guide my friend. I’ve already been using social media to siphon traffic to my website and have started having great success. I really do like it but the sales are low and it isn’t consistent. I’ll stick with targeted organic traffic plus I’ll implement PPC marketing too since that’s targeted. Cheers!

    • Hi Brandon!
      Yes, targeted traffic is what you need!
      Keep working on it and share your results once you achieve them.

      I am looking forward to seeing your good news in the future.

      Come back a share it here! That would be great!

      Wish you much success!

      Best regards!

  10. I am developing my new website and currently, it has zero traffic, so frustrating at times:( Has tried to market my content on social media, did SEO but there is no change. I will have to try PPC while I am implementing the other methods. Thank you so much for writing such a great article

    • Traffic is like a rank achievement. It takes time. Targeted and paid traffic can bring you traffic
      faster, but you need to configure it properly.

      Be patient and keep working on traffic. SE and social media. Use them. Optimize regularly
      your content. make the titles, keywords and content relevant.

      Put keywords in a title, sub-headings, paragraphs, content, optimize photos for SE. The crawlers read-only text.

      I am preparing an SEO guide. When ready, come back and get it.

      Wish you success.
      Best regards!

  11. So many resources for getting traffic to my websites. I’m right now working on the social links. Nice to have this checklist to return to.
    I hadn’t thought much about interactive content, but you’ve posted so many that I find some very appealing from the list quizzes, surveys, contests, comments, feedbacks, various forms, tutorials, courses, live-chat. Very helpful!

    • Hi Tina!
      You can use all of that or some of that. It is up to you. Working on a traffic over the course of time will tell you
      what is best for your site to get traffic?
      Test it out! Implement all strategies that can bring you traffic.

      Mainly, the biggest traffic resources SE and social media.

      Mainly people are reading a lot of white papers, articles, webinars. email marketing is one of the best ways to make conversions.
      Thus, my Email Marketing Basics.

      The other strategies are helpful too.

      Best success to you!
      Best regards!

    • Hi Koby!
      Ok, depending on your marketing goals the strategy will be adopted. Having the best site will not do well if nobody comes to it.
      Depending on your budget, start slowly and steadily. Then grow with aid advertising as well.

      Thanks for visiting the site!
      Best regards!

  12. Hi Igor.

    Thanks so much, for a great article with some very useful information. As a newly started online marketer, these methods are gold for me! 😉

    I think I was most surprised of just HOW big a part social media plays… I mean, I obviously knew it was important, but just HOW important was a little surprising…

    And the interactive content sounds like a great idea as well. That’s something I’ll be looking into creating.

    Definitely bookmarking your site, and coming back for more information.

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Michael!
      Yes, there is going to be more. Come back as often you need. I am glad to deliver useful stuff.
      The social marketing is big, but email marketing is even bigger, many more times than social media.
      Besides, it is more personal.

      So, email marketing is also what you should implement in your overall marketing strategy.

      Best regards!

  13. Fantastic article. As an online marketer I’m always trying to find more ways to gain traffic to my website. I found this article very helpful in ways I can make that happen. Seo is the big one learning how google looks at articles and how to get ranked. Thank you for the great article.

    • Hi David!
      I am glad you found my article helpful. It is my goal for writing articles: to deliver helpful content.SEO is important, we know that. It is a must on every article within the site. Search engines are to the big source of traffic to avoid them.

      Thus, learning SEO is a must for every serious online marketer!

      Wish you a lot of success,
      Best regerds!


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