7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche

7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche

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7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche is a useful comprehensive guide on 3 consecutive pages so be sure you keep reading it all the way through, that anyone can use as a checklist and/or as a reminder!

Struggling with finding the proper niche for their online business should not be an issue anymore!

7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche For Your Online Business

Finding a proper niche is a common big problem every starter and a newbie in an online marketing and making money online arena is having before starting the always desired to make money online journey!

Being a member of the best online marketing educational affiliate program gave me the chance to learn and to find out how to move one, what tools to use, how to engage online and a lot more.

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That being said, my story about learning stuff related to online marketing starts a few years ago, with few years of break and continuing again after I decided to start writing for the web.

So, after starting creating my website, a few months ago, which I am still building up, and after conducting profounded researches and joined the affiliate marketing and online marketing business education online, and accomplishing the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Bootcamp training, I have learned quite enough about finding and developing the niche online.

I can assure you, that you too can become very soon an expert in finding your perfect niche.

The 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche

7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche

The 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche which is just an extract of the bunch of possibilities and the whole topic but still provide a powerful checklist you can use whenever you are struggling with finding your own best niche and during your daily related activities.

Furthermore, you can contact me and ask what you need about this very important online marketing issue.

By founding your perfect niche, you will make a big step forward to your online success! There are literally millions of niches available out there that compete on a daily basis!  Practically anything can be a niche! From a “thin needle to the airplane!”

Basically, a niche is a group of people that are interested in something. Knowing that I still wanted to share with you the 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche to help you with finding the proper niche.

In other words, it is specific things, or topics or activities the related people are looking for.

I don’t want to terrify you by telling you the difficulties about choosing the proper niche, but just want to emphasize the importance of finding the proper niche as your online and maybe offline business as well. many offline businesses depend on online business and vice versa.

Online marketing is a very broad and difficult niche …

7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche

… because the competition is huge and comprehends many sub-niches. It is not easy to compete against, while on the other hand it is a very dynamic, interesting niche that covers many other niches and one needs a good piece of patience and works to move on in it.

The “counterpuncher” to this universal and broad niche are narrowed niches that are simplifying things and bringing the owners in a “zone of a lower level competition”, but a higher level of expertise, and thus offering a faster and a better way to success.

As an illustration of narrowing the niche I would take an example with a niche related to a chef and “cooking for the hotel guests”  and a narrower one: “cooking for male hotel guests over 50 during holidays in the summertime”. So, we just narrowed the broad niche which is about the chef and general cooking to specific one which is about the chef that cooks for the specific audience.

That way it is easier to approach to targeted groups with less competition.

Before giving you some more tips, let me go back now to our 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche.

At this point, ask yourself a set of quick and very important questions related to finding a best possible niche. The 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche will help you to ask and answer some of these questions properly!

For example, ask yourself and think about the following subjects:

  • What can you do best in your life?
  • Think about your best expertise?
  • Describe Your work or activities you do most of the time?
  • What do you love to do most?
  • How long are you doing this?
  • Everybody has experienced in life, of all kind. What are yours that you can share?
  • Time management is sometimes a big friend and sometimes a big enemy. How much time can you devote to your niche development?
  • Building a niche can sometimes be expensive. Fortunately, there are also cheaper ways to do it and to start with, and above that, even free stuff. Anyway, ask yourself and decide realistically how much money can you invest in building up your niche?
  • If you don’t have any or have very little money to invest in your niche or would rather start cheaper or even free than you have to start for free. Read further to find out how!
  • Are you going to build your niche at your on or considering to JV or hiring somebody?

These are all questions that can help you decide the niche you want to start with.

The idea of all these questions and their main goal is to filter out your best possible niche to start with and to enable you the move forward more accurately and faster!


Use 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche as your handy guide.

g7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche uide

Said so, the leading idea and your aim should be your expertise! Either you are an expert already or you need to become one. Expertise is important because you will build your website around it and share your knowledge through it. Such a website of your niche is not important just because of sharing knowledge but also because of the traffic you want to attract to your website to grow your business.

Such traffic will come to your website if Google positions you well in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), what will do only if you deliver valuable information to the visitors, searchers, thus your expertise is important for achieving that goal.

As more valuable information you deliver, and build your site for the readers, not for yourself or for search engines, the search engines will recognize that and award you with good rank and a lot of traffic.

There are many search engines on the worldwide market, but the top 5 are:

  1. Google.com
  2. Bing.com
  3. Yahoo.com
  4. Ask.com
  5. AOL.com

To give you a brief overview of the domination of the Google in online search and browser market, take a quick look at the few short videos below.

The statistic data was taken from the site netmarketshare.com that delivers Market Share Statistics for Internet Technologies.

Search Engine Market!

Search Engine Market Share Statistics For September 2018 for the Desktop and Laptop devices
Google has reached 78,05% of the market share

Search Engine Market Share For Mobile Devices For September 2018 for Mobile devices

Another Market Share Statistics site Statista.com shows some results from January 2010 to July 2018. See below!
It shows that Google dominates the search engine market for ten years already!

That explains that Google is still the internet Giant and it is going to be for a long time to come.

Dominating the Google SERPs and attracting targeted traffic, means dominating the search market and a nice volume of targeted traffic to your site!

As you know, a big volume of traffic means a big number of visitors, what in the end means a high percentage of conversions!


The Browser Market!

Furthermore, the situation is not different at all when speaking about the browser market!  Check below!

Desktop/Laptop – Browser Market Share For Desktop/Laptop For September 2018 – Chrome By Far The leader

Mobile – Browser Market Share For Mobile Devices For September 2018

Tablets – Browser Market Share For Tablets For September 2018

To achieve great rank on SERPs from scratch, it takes time, sometimes even up to a year, or even longer, but when achieved, you are on the right track. This is the real power of expertise which can be about anything, as said above, from the “needle to the airplane”.

Share your best expertise and your visitors and search engines will be grateful to you for that! Refer to this 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche whenever you need. Keep reading!

My short story about Search Engines and rank!

I remember, when I was running real estate business, years ago with my small real estate agency, I was building up my website! I have created an article about the cadastre which is a very important element in this business!

This was just one article on one page of the website and this article made up to the No 1 position on Google when somebody was searching for the term “cadastre”.

The interesting part of the whole story is that I have created this article just once! After that, I didn’t touch it almost a year what means I didn’t update it (it was a lot of text and only one image on it), but the article was delivering valuable info for the buyers and sellers of the properties!  The article itself made that result. The value for the readers was great and thus my rank happened to be so well.

At that time, I was nicely surprised and of course, happy about it. Herewith I want to emphasize that content and time matter. If you create valuable content and take your time, “the time of glory will come!”.

To create valuable content you need expertise, but, please, you don’t need to get a Nobel prize! Be genuine, share your expertise in your own way, and that will do fine! What you know best is your expertise.

Use it to build up your niche and to share it with the world. This is the way to go. Again, if you don’t have any particular expertise, what I really doubt, then there are plenty of possibilities to become an expert in your preferred field of action!

With all that said, we have covered the first of the 7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche. Let’s move on!

Your expertise!

7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche For Your Online Business

So we can conclude the first idea of an expert with a listing of the main elements of an expertise:

  • Your passion
  • The particular skills you need
  • High level of knowledge
  • Valuable experience

Think about these elements and write them down and very soon you will find out your expertise and will consider yourself as an expert. It will be the foundation of your niche.

I am sure you are passionate about something! You possess some particular skills and knowledge and you have practiced them over the certain period of time. That is all you need to be an expert in your niche!

Now, get a piece of paper and write down your expertise!

You did your first task and implemented the idea of the expertise into your niche preparation!

Obviously, having an expertise and keep it for yourself will not bring you anywhere! You need to share it with your audience to drive traffic and visitors to your site.

Fine, that sounds logical. but there is also another logical question coming up: to whom do I want to show my expertise? What kind of the audience is the right one for me? How do I pick those people out?

Well, this is the second idea we need to discuss and it is about the targeted audience!

The idea of having the best possible skills and knowledge to attract your visitors is wrong! You don’t need to be the “most clever and omniscient person” to create your best niche and to drive people to your site!

Don’t fall into a trap of “must know everything!” to be able to succeed.

Nobody knows all. Everybody is in a “learning curve” the whole life long. “Collect all your knowledge”, scan it and find out what you know and what is not related to your niche.

Luckily, nowadays there are plenty of great ways to get the additional knowledge you need for your niche. The internet itself allows the access to the biggest learning platform ever invented, and this from the comfort of the home or any other place you like to be at a given moment.

Google is the biggest directory of knowledge worldwide, and it is free. Amazing actually! Research, educate yourself, work on yourself, enhance and develop your skills and knowledge you need for your niche. you need to stand out and thus deliver additional value. This is possible with added skills and knowledge.

Online marketing is evolving on a daily basis. Get help. Ask for it. The best place online to ask for help when it comes to building a niche is here: click here and find out! You can learn anything you are curious about to know related to niches, online marketing and making money online. And I am sure you are.

Otherways, I guess, you wouldn’t want to read this article.

The bottom line is, even if you don’t know everything about your niche and don’t possess all required skills and knowledge, tools and money, you can still deliver valuable content to your targeted audience and start building your niche and become an expert in this field.

Click here and check where to go to start working on yourself for free!

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18 thoughts on “7 Ideas About How To Find The Best Niche”

  1. Thanks for sharing,

    2 things rang particularly true for me – the importance of identifying your niche, and the critical importance of creating good, valuable content. I believe that both go hand in hand. If your niche is something that excites you, something that you would read about, research and talk about for free, this can only be of help as you go through the daily grind of looking for, researching and writing about meaningful topics through which to build your affiliate marketing business. At the beginning, you’ll most likely be engaged in a lot of work for not a lot of money, and working a niche you are passionate about can help see you through the early days. If you keep at it and create the valuable content, you’ll succeed.

    Great post!

    • Hi Norman!You are completely right! Building up your niche online is not easy. The competition is huge and it is getting harder and harder, it takes time and somehow your niche and content need to stand out to get high rank and be valuated as an online authority!

      It is all about the user and the value user is getting offered from Google and other SE, thus, our task is to satisfy the searchers in the first line, and to create content for the user, not for the SE, what will result with the recognition from Google (if we speak about Google) and let’s say “good treatment” from Google and good rank.

      Again, it is a work and takes time! The patience is a must, I would say! That includes working for free for certain period of time!

      Best regards!

  2. I agree with you that finding your niche is one of the most important things you need if you want to start your online business. It may seem simple enough but the truth is that it’s not that easy. We tend to overthink too much and get lost in the simple things. I love how you made us think about our niche by asking us questions. Great article and resource! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Andrea!
      Yes, it is simple and thus sometimes complicated because people are making it complicated! It is like i n a real life: what you can do best, what do you want to learn and how you can attract people best? Just, online platform is different and bigger. 
      There are two options you can apply: either you go forward with your expertise or you are keen to learn new stuff and than go with it.
      Thus, asking yourself and doing some brainstorming helps a lot to get to the best solutions for your business!

      Thanks for your reply!

      Best regards!

  3. Thanks for the article! I know my niche was the most difficult thing to wrap my head around when I started. And when I did pick one, I soon realized it was way too broad that it wouldn’t work. 

    Out of the elements that you’ve listed, I have to say that ‘passion’ is what I think trumps everything. When you really enjoy what you do, you can dig through those tough times. Because building a website is not easy and there will be some really hard and tough times. It is through the passion I feel that you can overcome those challenges. This is what I felt was true for me also! How were you able to pick your niche? 

    • HI Parmi!

      Exactly! I totally agree with you and you are right! Building a successful website is  “long-term activity” and it is not an easy task, especially within such huge competition online. It is a real challenge. Passion is what motivates one to keep going. It is more fun to do what you like and admire!

      But, you see, when I look at my website details within WA and see that my site trust climbed to 80% it is  agreat sign to me that I am on the right track. It took me already 8 months till now and I didn’t even post articles every day, or every second or third day.

      So, I do as I like ti and I like it that way. This is kind of passion for me.

      I didn’t think much about my niche because I like online marketing in a whole. The whole spectrum of it is very interesting to me and I like to learn more of it. That is why I didn’t create yet websites about my other even bigger passions which are tennis sport and astrology, what I am doing for many years and I could deliver a lot of valuable content on these subjects, what i will probably do in the future. I could literally narrow the nichesto their “micro-size!”

      But, for now I like what I do here at WA and what I learn in total about online marketing, SEO, building websites (i have created more in the past) especially with WordPress which is great platform and I love it.

      At the moment I am taking care just about building my website, skills and knowledge about such broad topic. I will definitely narrow a specific field of it , as my skills improve.

      Thanks for your reply,

      Best regards!

  4. This is some great, useful information! Thanks for sharing it!

    My affiliate marketing business is in the internet marketing niche, for better or for worse. It’s been a long and exhausting road trying to gain traction and rank in Google, but I’ve staid consistent with it for a year now. I’m only able to post about once per week. Do you think this is too little to ever get off the ground?


    • Hi Jordan!

      Well, honestly I do think it is to little to get high rank! Even Google is porpoising about two times per week minimum. The only reason why one-time-weekly posting could be enough is if your content is so great and valuable that even Google is giving the advantage to it??

      In Other words, more valuable content-faster and better rank, less valuable content-longer time to rank well. Google is going after useful and valuable content for their clients (read: visitors), thus they care about such content in the first line.

      For example, linking is still a very important factor when speaking about the value of the content. Let’s say you have such great content and optimized so well that your keyword is easy to find because of the high amount of searches and low competition on it that you will get many links on your site. 

      Google will recognize that and honor you with better rank. But, at the bottom line, all rank below first ten, and then below first five is not going to do great. This is the destiny of all website authors and creators, and finally, marketers.
      It is enough if just one page of your site lands on 1 or first three to five positions in Google and your site is “revealed!”, but to get that one page so high in Google is not easy, really not easy, especially using free organic ways.

      Sme of my posts were already on 1 on Bing and Yahoo, but don’t even know where on Google!!! And what is more interesting such positions didn’t even bring huge traffic to my site!!!???

      Google is the giant in this “online search world!” and getting on the top of the giant will be gigantic step for your traffic!

      Can you climb the giant so fast and when you want, and with just a few steps? 

      Thanks a lot for your comment,
      hope I could answer to your question a bit,
      Best regards!

  5. Very bright and got my attention right away. Wonderful information, and lots of it too. Thank you for taking the time to but this resource together in such a way that it is easily referenced. 

    I love that you put the videos in here too, I am huge on watching videos, it just seems to sink in better for me personally. 

    • That is great to hear!
      I love when articles are accepted in terms of the delivered info! Feel free to read it whenever you like and would be great to come back to my site more often or even to share it.

       Stay tuned for more info coming up!

      Thanks for the reply,

      Best regards!

  6. what an amazing resource and book i find your insights amazing thanks for sharing and your good honest review this information has really help me and finding the niche and generate valuable content thank you so much for your information i will def be back to review this valuable resource over and over

    • Thanks a lot for it! I am happy to deliver valuable content. This is what we are all learning here and Google is recommending. It is a lot of work involved in preparing good content, but I think it is worth!

      Feel free to come back whenever you like! I appreciate it!

      Best regards!

  7. Great information. Ultimately it’s about how passionate I am about the niche. If I’m going to take away time from my day, from the things that I love doing, and spend time on something else, I had better like it a lot. Thanks for the guidance, and keep up the great work.

    • Thanks! I appreciate it. Yes, it is always easier to accomplish tasks and move forward if you like what you do.

      With the nice is the same! Having a niche that one is passionate about can make a huge difference in a long-term!

      Wish you a lot of success with what you like to do!

      Best regards!

  8. Many thanks. Lots of good information to help me find my way. I’ll have to think a bit more to find what I am an expert at. But as you say, follow my passion is the best place to start.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Andrew!
      It is important to start. You will develop your skills on the way.

      Definitely, you possess some skills. Just make a bit brainstorming and soon you will
      find out what you can offer your audience you know the best!
      It is really important to write it down.

      It is the fastest and easiest way to recognize your potential.

      Best regards!

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