7 Big Questions about building a great website

7 Big Questions about building a great website

Everybody wants to know 7 Big Questions about building a great website!

This is our topic today and  I want to start this article with the statement:

badly created website can make you much more damage than help!

Logical, knowing this, you will ask yourself: “how can I build a great website?”

To answer this question, actually, you need to ask yourself 7 big questions about building a great website, I am going to reveal today! For the purpose of this article, and because of my conviction that these 7 questions are really big, I am going to call today these questions “7 Big Questions!”

Keep reading if you want to find out about these questions and answers to these questions!

7 Big Questions about building a great website

Prior asking yourself these 7 Big questions about building a great website and starting building up such a website, be sure you have some basics knowledge and skills about basic coding (mostly HTML and CSS), editing, creating content etc.

Coming back to the topic of our article and the 7 Big Questions about how to build a great website, I am leaving the budget issue on the side. The budget factor varies from person to person. It is also an important factor, but I wanted to focus just on issues directly connected with the website itself, not on money for now.

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Then use the answers on 7 Big Questions about building a great website and start creating relevant content on your site for better exposure and rank.

The 7 Big Questions about how to build a great website, affect everybody, or, almost everybody. The answers to these 7 Big Questions are building part of the strategical mix of online marketing and making money online field, everybody can implement immediately!

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What is your marketplace for your great website, products, and services?

7 Big Questions about building a great website

After implementation of all of these tactics, the next step needs to be the definition of the market by using all kind of effective marketing methods. Besides, define the “persona” you would like to target. It is a fictional targeted customer what will help you to define your marketing campaign more effectively and precisely.

No one great site can achieve great traffic rate if it is not marketed properly. Proper targeted online and offline marketing is a huge topic, beyond the frame of today’s topic, so it is left for another time.

When starting creating and building up your site, be sure to implement the steps I am going to describe below and afterward start marketing your site. And remember, massive action brings massive results!

7 Big Questions about building a great website – your site must work for you!” Period! 

7 Big Questions about building a great website

Before starting marketing your site, be sure you create one it will suit your needs in the best way, and important, it will be beneficial because you will build the site with best valuable content and plenty of benefits for the audience.

The website must work for you, but, what is even more important is that you …

… build a website for the people, for your audience, the current and thouse in the  future!

The purpose of your site must match. So, don’t fail about it! I mean, just take care about it. In the beginning, you will make mistakes, but despite, don’t discourage! Keep enhancing your skills! Building up a website is not difficult, but fulfilling its purpose, and running a successful online business with it, learning from failures, become a real online marketer and skilled designer of your site is a little bit more complex task and it is a matter of the process.

It is a matter of time and steady and continuous effort. Again, you can create your website and go live with it within only … 30 seconds … Yes, that is right …just quick 30 seconds of your valuable time.

To do so,

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Building nice website is one process, getting great organic traffic to your site, getting referrals, selling stuff, and running a successful long-term online business, is the completely different story.

Very simple example: let us assume you are a great magician. You are equipped with many fabulous tricks and you possess tremendous skills.  Many people you already know could watch your tricks, and they would love them for sure, but that is not happening.

Why…?  Because it is about who knows you!! It is not about who you know.

Online marketing is about people who are coming to your site and engage with you and finally buy your offers. It is about people who know about your business!

Use 7 Big Questions about building a great website for your massive online marketing!

7 Big Questions about building a great website

If this is not happening, then you missed the marketing purpose and the purpose of your site. You need to change your online marketing strategies, immediately!

But, “come back to the roots of this article ..!” You need to create original, appealing website, filled up with valuable content. Search engines like a lot of quality and current content. Be creative, be motivated, be “willing to work!” Be yourself and be a new “play-maker” in the field!”

Having said that, we can only agree that building up an authority, the successful business website is not a “rocket-science” anymore and it is a matter of process. Besides the newest easy-to-use available creating technologies, it has actually all to do with defining the purpose of your great website!

You need to know “what kind of flower or plant you are going to implant and cultivate?”

If you want your plant to grow into a beautiful product or give you wonderful fruit  you have to cultivate it and water it from germination to breeding!

There is no difference with your website. You have to “cultivate your website” until becomes a prosperous online business.

A website is the foundation of every successful online business, so your’s as well!

Very simple: “no website-no online business!” Give your best, treat your website in a proper way, and it will thank you by back giving you best fruits!

Here are my 7 big questions about building a great website which is going to define the evolution, greatness, and success of your site!


7 Big Questions about building a great website

Big Question No1: 
Why am I going to create a website? Why do I want to have a website? What is the purpose of it?

To answer that, ask yourself  just one magic word: “Why?”

There are several reasons and purposes why would you want to create and build up a website, and those are:

  • your personal drive to inform, sell, propose, engage …
  • passion to educate
  • love for entertaining
  • generating leads – “hot prospects”
  • selling
  • all combined

If you can’t answer this “Why”, the purpose question, then, all your intentions, creations, the effort will be wasted time and energy!

Big Question No2: What tools, methods, and services am I going to use to build up my great website? What skills and knowledge do I have to make it happen?

The audience! Wow! That is really an important point! Target your audience. Narrow your audience related to your website and the niche you are in.

For example: if you are producing lovely picture frames, obviously, your audience will be painters, gallerists, curators of museums and museums as institutions as well, theaters, etc.

Be sure you can assist your customers!

Big Question No3: Who is going to visit my site? What audience am I going to attract to my website?

Best visitors to your site are targeted and relative visitors. To attract them create the website with narrowing the niche as much as you can. People are searching online using specific keywords …

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… related to their needs, desires, passions, niches. Narrowing your niche and creating the website around it, will only increase the chance to enhance the number of targeted and specific visitors to your site.

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So, your visitors will be people searching online for related content and visitors invited to your site by using various ways of offline and online marketing!

Big Question No4
: How will my website look like? Who is going to design it and what kind of design am I going to create and use?

“Listen to the search engines!” Build keyword-rich-pages, but don’t practice keyword – stuffing!”. Don’t overuse graphics. The web page must be best optimized for the search engines.

It is clear that we can we can summarize the main premise of content creation as

creation and production of valuable content relative to the topic of your great website, helpful and beneficial for the audience, and best optimized for search engines!

The proper symbioses of functional, appealing, good-looking design and valuable content of your site is a guarantee you will have a great website for your final product!

Big Question No5: What kind of content am I going to present to my audience? Is my content related to the purpose and the name of my site?

Search engine crawlers are looking for links and textual content. This is telling you that your content must be created relative to this requirement but in a natural way. The search engine possesses “intelligent technology” that effectively detects link stuffing and as a result of it, your site will produce contra effect in terms of good ranking and offering valuable content to your audience and to search engines.

Think about search engine as a person.  The search engine (their crawlers) is like a reader who is seeking great content.

Great content can be created in many forms: textual, video, audio, interactive stuff, engagement on your site, graphics, etc.  Use a lot of text, make your page, blog, content in general well written and search engine optimized. The search engine will award you with great rank and thus with great organic traffic and finally with conversions!

Afterward, many things will be easier, more understandable and natural for you.

Remember, it is always like this: “Content is the king!” Use valuable and well-written content to become “King of the Search engines!”

Your ultimate goal is to appear on the first page in Google and other search engines, and there in the first five results!”

Then, enjoy your kingdom by harvesting many conversions because of the content you have created with care, relevancy and beneficial for your audience.

Big Question No6:
  When people on my site, are they going to surf through it easily? How am I going to help them with the navigation of the website to move around my website?

Create website easy-to-navigate for your visitors. The reader of your page, blog or the viewer of any other content on your site, must know at any moment where are they located on the website, and how to surf easily around it.

Make it difficult for your visitors to read and to navigate your site is the worst thing you can make. The visitors of your content normally “scan” the page within the first 3 seconds while on it. If they find difficult to navigate through your website they will leave immediately.

Be sure, you provide sufficient and well-structured and organized navigation and website!

My Big Question No7: How am I going to market my website? What marketing strategies am I going to use to gain traffic to my website?

This is a big question and a big topic. You can market your great website online and offline. There are numerous ways how to do that. This is separated (and huge) topic. Still, there are some basic free methods for everyday use.

  • Social media (as most important: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn … ),
  • search engine optimization for great rank and traffic,
  • email-marketing (actually the biggest and best method, but you need your email list),
  • e-zine marketing,
  • all kind of various online and offline marketing campaigns (business cards, flyers, brochures, radio, TV, billboards, books, etc.).

Becoming an online (and offline) marketing expert takes time, energy, skills, and knowledge. If you are a starter member in this filed or don’t have ideas or you don’t want to struggle too much with it, hire a pro, an expert who will do all this for you (if you can allow that to yourself regarding the costs).

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Conclusion about 7 Big Questions about building a great website?

7 Big Questions about building a great website

So, my dear reader, I hope today you got some more insights into how to build a great website!

What did you learn today in this article?

Having a great website is a foundation of your online business, and it is one of the important “corner-stones” of  becoming a successful online marketer and entrepreneur in the “online marketing battle!”

It is certainly not enough just to have a great website to gain success in “making-money-online” space. You need to conduct massive action related to proper online marketing strategies to achieve the massive positive response from the audience coming to your site.

Implement the 7 strategies described above. Before implementing the answers to 7 Big Questions about building a great website, you need to know what you can afford to spend on creating and marketing your website.

Start carefully, without spending any money! Use the site builder offered

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If You need help I will guide you per hand until you have created your desired website! I and other great members of our tremendous online community are there to help you any time in no time.

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If You liked the article, please join the discussion and leave a comment below! I would be more than happy to reply and to discuss with you about the topic! If You need any help, please ask and I would be happy to help you out!



8 thoughts on “7 Big Questions about building a great website”

  1. Hallo there,

    I have to say you have saved me a huge deal. I had read somewhere that you should only write the content you want to publish on your website from your heart without worrying about keywords.

    And this has made me produce low quality work because I didn’t understood exactly what the writer meant by not worrying about keywords.

    I only went ahead with writing without optimizing my posts. You have helped me realize what big mistake I was doing. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Dave!

      Keywords are the core of content marketing. Why? Because, as you already know, the people are searching for content on search engines using specific keywords. That is why Jaaxy as a one of the best tool for keyword research (if not the best) is so important for us, as well.

      SEO is teaching us about  proper use of keywords. What you need to take care of is “keyword stuffing!” It means don’t “overload” your article with keywords. Use the proper “keyword strategy” and you will not have any problems with them.  

      For example, if you write an article of approx. 1500 words, you may even use up to 9-10 keywords spread along the article, included headings. If you create an article of 500 – 600 words, then obviously far less, maybe, 2-5 keywords. 

      When you create your content, you will create many keywords accidentally, but those keywords are not targeted from your side and you don’t have to worry about them. It will just happen, in a natural way. There are literally billions of keywords available, because there are billions of searchers every day online.

      Practically, every word or phrase could be hypothetically be a keyword. That is why you don’t have to worry about keywords, but you have to worry about your focus and targeted keywords.

      You may visit ma other articles about keywords on my site, if you wish! 

      Here they are:

      Also this post my be helpful: 

      I would be thankful if you could post a comment below them. That would be great!

      Also, right now I am preparing and editing my new post about starting online business for free which will be posted soon on my site, Check it out next.

      Besides, here at WA there are plenty tutorials about proper use of keywords!
      Once, you get use to the technique, it is indeed not complicated to use them in a proper way.

      I am really glad you liked my post. Stay tuned for coming posts.

      Wish you a lot of success with your content marketing.
      If you need any more help, please ask, I would be more than happy to help you out, if I can, of course!If not, there are so many kind people in the community which can help you out, including the owners and WA instant support. 

  2. Hi Igor

    Some great tips right there. I do believe social sharing is huge for ranking purposes, but i do think if you have a following that isn’t interested in the actual topic it can be a bad thing as they’ll visit your site then leave almost instantly, and that’s not what you want is it.


    • Hi Ian,

      you are totally right.

      You need “hot prospects!”. Targeted people who are willing to acquire your product or service.

      It is like in the offline world. For example, many people are coming into a shoe shop  o see the offers, but not all of them are buyers. To pick up the right buyers willing to buy what you have to sell is a “master-piece” of online marketing.

      When prospectr land on your page, your task is to keep them “warm!”, To make them even more interested as before to keep reading your content and to make them decide to pull out their wallet and buy your stuff. As said, it is not always easy to accomplish. It requires great product or service people desire and need, testing of your promotional campaigns, tracking of your leads and visitors, time for evaluation of all actions involved, creation of content, effort, skills, knowledge, patience, persistence … etc.

      It is a work. Especially if you need to do all on low or free of budget.

      Thanks a lot for reply!

  3. Hi Igor,
    I enjoyed reading your post and agree with you about building a great website.
    If people follow what you say then I’m sure they too could build a great website.
    Definitely writing quality content is a big must. Using the other points you mention as well and you’re well on the way to having your very own great website.

    • Hi Michael,
      thanks a lot for your reply.

      With the assumption that one is having basic skills and knowledge about how to build a website, building up a quality and authority website is a matter of hard work and time. Valuable content is a must.

      It is not easy to compete with so much valuable content online. Google is using more than 200 parameters when ranking the page under certain keyword.
      Every day, billions of searches are searching for valuable content on billions of eđ+websites. Is it possible to stand out?

      Possibly. With added value. The fact that “internet platform” is only growing with 7 billion searches daily predicted for 2020. That gives hope that more space is left for the newcomers.

      The one with “deep breath” have the chance. Giving up is not an option! Persistence, endurance, commitment is what is needed.

      Best regards!

  4. Very well said, i love to learn ways that i can always make my site look better and better every day, just as you said, this is our bussiness and how we choose to manage it matters, it can either lead to success or failure, hence its importance.
    I was wondering what e-
    Zine marketing meant, as you did not elaborate on it. Do you mind sharing?

    • Hi Queen, thanks for the reply.

      You asked for some more info about E-Zine marketing.

      E-zine marketing means you write articles for various e-zine directories.
      E-zine stands for electronic magazine. Such directories list written articles which visitors are reading if they like the content.

      In such articles, you implement your link you want the reader to visit. Every E-zine directory has own rules and if you want to register for any of them, you need to comply such rules. There are free and paid once.

      The most known and most popular among the article writers community is “Ezinearticles”
      which You can visit it here: https://ezinearticles.com/. You can start for free.

      I have some other listed as well. If You need the list, message me and I will send it to you. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of such directories available. Not all of them are valuable, but some are the great resource for many visitors online and the great place to promote your articles.

      It is not an easy task because there are millions of articles already submitted, but good content is always welcome from the owners of directories.
      You may give a try if you want.

      Best regards!


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