5 Steps to Successful SEO

5 Steps to Successful SEO

5 steps to successful SEO will explain what it takes to become successful with your SEO activities!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one very important factor in your online promotional activities when speaking about getting the best possible Page Rank in SE.

It is not the only one you need to succeed. It is a part of the whole fan of the activities needed for success when building a profitable, long-term online business. Follow the 5 Steps to Successful SEO explained today and jump into the SEO world!

Read below why 5 Steps to Successful SEO can help you to achieve your goals!

Why SEO matters?

5 Steps to Successful SEO

SEO matters because is a part of Search Engines in a way that the content that is created with proper SEO will rank better and gain more traffic. Thus, knowing the 5 Steps to Successful SEO is a crucial skill you have to learn.

Search engines are one of the most important traffic sources on the web. Through the SE billions of visits on various content are made, daily! Having the content better optimized for them will bring more visitors to your content. That doesn’t mean also more conversions, but if you can understand what it takes to create content SE like and what kind of visitor is coming to your site, and how do they act (through use of analytics) you will learn how to optimize and attract even more web visitors to your pages, posts, articles, overall content you place on internet.

Thus, SEO in general and the 5 Steps to Successful SEO will help you to “produce” better content, which SE will like, rank better and put it in the position of higher volume coming to your content.

Learning SEO you will also learn more about other related valuable subjects and topics, like:

  1. Ways to better article creation
  2. The structure of the well-written post
  3. Images optimization
  4. Implementation and optimization of multimedia content
  5. Variety of content available for your pages and posts
  6. Proper use of keywords
  7.  Inbound and outbound linking
  8. What is a snippet?
  9. Why focus keyword matters?
  10. Keyword density
  11. All about titles
  12. Relevancy
  13. SE crawlers
  14. Googlebot…
  15. Page Rank

… and more!

As you can see, SEO is a comprehensive skill which needs to be learned and implemented in a proper way, especially if you want to save money and do it all at your own, instead of hiring very expensive SEO agencies that will charge you a lot of money for it.

Besides the Online University where I have learned about the SEO, I have learned SEO also by myself, so you can too. Invest some time and effort, research, practice, implement, learn and very soon you will become an SEO expert.

The one resource, where you can start learning about, and which I consumed as well and I highly recommend, which is a platform designed for all levels of affiliate marketers,  you can find on this link!

However, SEO matters a lot and herewith I want to stress the importance of it. Go and learn what you need and start optimizing your content for better Page Rank, more traffic, more visitors (I hope the relevant and valuable visitors, because not all visitors are good for your business) and finally, more conversions, whatever you want your conversions to be. Make use of the 5 Steps to Successful SEO in your daily practice. You can only gain from it!

I am saying so because there are different kinds of conversions available! Obviously, the most interesting one for you is “buying conversion” where people buy something from you. The other conversions like filling up the form, opt-in for your course, subscribing to your email-list, subscribers to your monthly newsletters, signing up for your membership are all also conversions.

Anyway, SEO will help you to boost your conversions. So, because SEO is so important for you, lets now say some words about it! Remember, follow the 5 Steps to Successful SEO and you will be able to rock!

Search Engine Optimization!

5 Steps to Successful SEO

Having said all that in the previous paragraph, maybe SEO could sound to you a bit complicated or too complex! But, it is not. The 5 Steps to Successful SEO will simplify the issue. Besides, there are some most important subjects you need to understand what will make you a skilled SEO expert, the real connoisseur of the SEO subject.

What could be actually a definition of the SEO?

Lets try to define SEO this way: “All actions or the praxis which is oriented in the constructive change of the websites, their content and all the promotional activities of the content involved in order to achieve better positions in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), what makes your website better visible to the audience.” This results can be organic or paid ones.

Organic results mean results achieved in a natural way, from the people surfing the web, while paid results are achieved through some paid promotional actions, like for example, PPC marketing.

To be able to conduct all the activities described above and to become a real SEO expert, you need to understand 5 main topics, actions, and processes:

  1. How SE function
  2. Creating the effective SEO plan
  3. The most effective keywords
  4. The metrics and analytics
  5. The tools that can help you to measure important things

The proper SEO technique and strategy can boost your Page Rank and increase your relevant and targeted visitors rate. That means that you will be able to engage with the audience more frequently and with more success.

This sounds great, right? But, sometimes it is not that easy to be successful with SEO! It takes time, effort, skills, knowledge, tools, and massive actions! Sometimes, your results will be visible in months, even in a year! But above all, you need a plan! Your roadmap to SEO success! Keep reading to find out what means to have an SEO plan! “Digest” 5 Steps to Successful SEO for your better plan!

You need a plan, a roadmap, and an ultimate outline!

5 Steps to Successful SEO - A Plan

Ok, now, I assume that after completing the first step in the SEO process, which is knowing SEO and getting some important SEO skills, you are ready to start optimizing your website for the SE (Search Engines).

Now, at this step, you want to know how to plan your SEO. That means to create a roadmap for your successful SEO in order to achieve your SEO goals, which includes the following:

  1. You need to know how to develop the plan.
  2. How to direct the plan?
  3. Ways to adjust your plan!
  4. Google will offer you the variation words for wrong written words,
  5. Track relevant researches and discover what your audience is searching for mostly,
  6. Get to know your clients by knowing their intentions online.
  7. Use keywords research feedback from your visitors by knowing what words they use when searching for relevant content online.
  8. Conduct once or twice per year new researches about the keywords, relevancy and your audience in general.
  9. Operate with analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console (before Google Webmaster Tools) to examine various things on your website, metrics and dimensions.
  10. Assist yourself with metrics and dimensions to find out how various pages perform and modify your content accordingly.
  11. Discover how the backlinking from other websites to your site performs. Backlinking is still a very important part of a successful SEO.
  12. Always be realistic with your website performance. Repair things don’t work.
  13. Set the main concerns and priorities in your actions.
  14. Fix your time frame for the tasks you need to perform. Concentrate on one per time.
  15. Adjust your plan, be flexible, think in a long-term manner, it is not possible to achieve short-time success.
  16. Every plan needs the certain time to complete, so the SEO plan as well!
  17. Offer expertise, get authority and trust online and your success is guaranteed.
  18. Collect the fruits of your work in full scale by establishing the relationship and trust with your audience.
  19. Check your pages for the traffic amount. Do they achieve organic or paid traffic? Why one way of the traffic is more than the other?  Set the budget for your paid traffic. Remember, having paid for the traffic it doesn’t mean you will attract many visitors to your site. You can, but be cautious at the beginning with your paid traffic and your money. The paid traffic can be a trap if you don’t know what you are doing.
  20. The relevancy, the great ad, the demographics, the right bid and much more will determine your paid traffic success.
  21. Lastly, constantly develop the parts, strategies, tactics, techniques which don’t work well and develop your SEO plan.

There you have it. 21 valuable points you can use to develop your ultimate SEO plan!

Incorporate proper keywords or keyword phrases (Long-Tail keywords are more narrow than the shorter keywords) in a way you find out what your visitors are searching for, what keywords they use when looking for their desired content within SE.

Furthermore, be creative and find the solutions for your week spots within your SEO activities and use them immediately when needed, according to their priorities. Be adjustable, flexible and change your SEO plans accordingly to your needs. The 5 Steps to Successful SEO will help you with that!

To summarize the all-important points of your SEO plan, keep in mind following 5 points:

  1. Searching for the relevant keywords or keyword phrases
  2. Check in the search results for these keywords or keyword phrases
  3. Plan and perform the improvement of your SEO
  4. Set the timeframe for each task involved in the process of the SEO plan
  5. Review the achieved results, and again, according to your needs, review and adjust the plan

There is a great help available Google is giving us for free. It is a tool (or service if you wish) called Google Trends! With this tool, you can search for what is the audience around the world searching for!

Check the search trends in the various regions and sub-regions around the world. Find out the popularity of the certain keywords what will give you an idea of what the audience is searching for most on a given day. Track the newest searches trends! You may even check the best searching trends in a given year! You can search for searching trends in any country in the world. It is a great tool that will help you to understand better what people around the world are searching for. Maybe, you will find the keywords relevant for your campaigns and for your SEO process!

The SEO process!

5 Steps to Successful SEO

When learned, the SEO process itself is not that difficult. Especially for the experienced online marketing. It is actually simple if done properly and correctly! Follow the 5 Steps to Successful SEO to simplify the process.

The SEO activities are “never-ending activities!”. Such activities must be conducted permanently, accuratelycontinuously and consistently. This is because SE never stops changing their algorithms, same as trends. You can always use 5 Steps to Successful SEO to keep that process alive.

Having said that, there are some additional important points you need to consider when speaking about SEO and its process!

  1. Always check and adjust your keywords or keyword phrases. Make your “search terms”, keywords and keyword phrases up-to-date and relevant to your changing content, according to the trends
  2. Inform yourself all the time about how the SE functioning and changing over the time. Many SE have their documentation available, information shared on their blogs, so go there and search for the knowledge you want to get.
  3. Get help in a real time! If you want to attend lessons, tutorials, get help in a real-time, from real online marketers and experts in these fields, then visit this link and create your Starter account, for free, as I did time ago and learn literally all you want and need to master SEO and SE! You will not regret it. Believe me! Are you curious! Click here now and join us!
  4. Ask your clients about the trends, their opinions about your content, what are they looking for, engage with them, and if needed, visit other websites and get some inspirations about how they change and adapt to the trends. It may help you to get some ideas for your website.
  5. Learn, learn and learn about SE, SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  and the newest trends coming in. Learn all 5 Steps to Successful SEO. Remember, all you do regarding SEO in a proper way is your bonus. But, be aware that even if you have done all you need, no one can guarantee you the success you expect for yourself. Not even specialists from other sources.  To get best, it means highest Page Ranks within SE, is a matter of a time, effort and knowledge. The competition is huge and you need to stay ahead of it.

After all this, I want to point out that whenever you want to create well-optimized content, you need to create content around the keywords or keywords phrases according to what people search online and the ones which are relevant to your content.

Thus, having the relevant keywords and keyword phrases for your content is a must! Read further about some important points regarding keywords!

The importance of the Keywords!

5 Steps to Successful SEO-Keywords

Keywords! You heard already thousands of time about them. I am sure about it! Key-words! The words that are the most important words within your content! Why? Because, the audience will find you on the web with the help of these words, or word phrases!

The right keywords can help you to improve your business and to enhance the quality of your SEO! As said before, the proper choice of the keywords is a base of your successful SEO! So, the proper keywords research is unavoidable and actually the first important action you need to undertake in order to start the optimum SEO of your content.

Why are the proper keywords so important?

Well, it is easy to answer this question! If you want to match the search term of the people while they search online, you need to find out the relevant keywords and implement them in your content.

For example, a couple is getting married and the man wants to buy a wedding ring online! What could that man search for on the internet? Just a “wedding rings”, or a “golden wedding rings” or a “silver wedding ring”, or “rings for the wedding”, or maybe “golden wedding rings for women” …

Your job is to find out what could people getting married want to search online in this case?  Besides, it is necessary that the content of your website is relevant and match the search term!

Relevancy is the most important feature of the proper keywords. There are also another two features which are unavoidable when choosing proper keywords, and you need to pay attention to them.

The two most important other factors are:

  1. Frequency – the number of searches for the particular search term or keyword or keyword phrase
  2. Competition – lower the competition, easier to get better rank and to stand out

Let me first say some more words about the relevancy, before jumping to the other two factors named above!

Relevancy is the most important factor when speaking about keywords.

Your keywords must match your content and vice-versa. Create content around chosen keywords. If you offer “baby carriage” on your website, then your keywords must match that term. Your content should be built around that keyword. Most important: “You have to create the content and pick up the keywords for the audience, not for the search engines!”

Use Google Search Console to find out what people are searching for on your site and what pages are getting clicks. Besides, use the Google Analytics to examine your visitors, their intentions, and other relevant data related to your visitors. Of course, there are also other analytic tools available, but the two I mentioned here are recommended.

When speaking about frequency you need to know that you should implement the search terms the people search for at the most. It is not easy to choose such keywords and to build your website which is relevant to that keyword and stands out between billions of pages online. This is because the competition is huge. The  5 Steps to Successful SEO can help.

Especially if you are a newbie and starting your website, it would be wiser to start with “low competition keywords”. Please remember that only a small number of keywords have very big or bigger volume of searches, while, contrary, the big number of keywords have a small volume of searches!

Thus, choosing the so-called “long-tail keywords” will make it possible for your content to get faster and better results.

LONG-TAIL KEYWORDS are longer phrases with keywords that specifically or exactly determine what you offer!

Usually, such search terms have a small volume of searches and thus much less competition, and so much bigger chances to rank better and be more relevant for the users!

For example: “wedding rings” or just “rings” keywords might have a big competition, while  “wedding rings delivery online within 24 hours!” might have much faster results and much less competition! or maybe keyword phrase like: “Order here your perfect wedding ring”.

You have got the point! Narrow the keywords and make them “Long-tail keywords”. If you still want to go on with generic usual keywords, it may take a lot of time and even the money to get wanted results.

So, the starter websites, not established websites, smaller websites might gain faster and better results on SE when having “long-tail keywords” implemented in their content. Further, it will also cost you less money for getting noticeable results.

Very important notes about keywords:

  • Your content should be created for the visitors, not for search engines (mentioned above)
  • Don’t spam search engines with “keywords-stuffing!” In other words, don’t fill in your content with too many keywords in order to drive crawlers to your content. Google and other SE don’t like that and consider such technique as spam!

When picking up your best keywords, there are only three main things you need to take care of:




Do so and, implement the  5 Steps to Successful SEO strategy and you will create successful SEO! Become a master of SEO in no time!

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All right, we have been through a lot of stuff so far! Now it is the time to set some goals!

SEO and your GOALS!

5 Steps to Successful SEO-The Goals

When speaking about 5 Steps to Successful SEO and about successful SEO in general, there are some actions and goals you need to set up and achieve!

  • Set clear goals of your SEO
  • Track your progress
  • Define your success
  • Accurate measurements
  • Tools for measurements

When starting the proper SEO activities, set up your goals online you want to achieve! For example, you have created an online course about online marketing and your next most important goal is to get as many visitors to your course as you can.

Or, you are running a tennis club and you want to get as many new members as possible! The next goal could be setting up a nice relationship with your online visitors and the members of your tennis club! Understanding the results of your website will show you how your website is performing in relation with your visitors.

Maybe you have achieved best Page Rank positions under the certain keyword phrase, but there are no conversions! How can this happen? For example, if you are ranked well under the keywords “the best tennis clubs in your neighborhood”, and when the searcher finds your website on the internet, locally, of course, and the visitor doesn’t want to become a member, but just want to find a sparing-partner for the tennis match, your goal (conversion) will not be accomplished! Simple as that!

There are many more measurements you can take about your website! Some of them are:

  • Conversions number

  • Acquisition

  • Engagement

You can analyze, track and conduct such and similar measurements using analytics tools the most search engines have incorporated in them. We mentioned already before Google Analytics and Google Search Console. SE like Google, Bingo, Yandex are giving you such information for free, so use this tools to find out what keywords are most important for your website, how many visitors click and/or stay and for how long on your website, where from they come and what devices they use, their demographics, mostly visited content. You may even check with how many and what pages is your website connected with, in other words, your outbound and inbound links.

Further, use Analytics Tools to track conversions of your visitors. Track how many of them bought something from you on your website, what content on your site is best and not so good. What pages have some or no visitors at all?

All this data can help you to prepare the best possible SEO strategy and to make your website appealing, interesting, valuable, up-to-date and relevant to your visitors.


5 Steps to Successful SEO-A Meeting

SEO is very important! It is a process which needs to be learned, executed and tracked. Analytics can help you to prepare better for your SEO strategy. The 5 Steps to Successful SEO will help you with that!

Set your SEO goals and track the results to develop and make your SEO even better. The goals you set need to be clear, manageable, realistic and within your defined time frame! Use the proper tools! Track your organic traffic and measure the data you need in order to develop much more competitive and high-value SEO.

Create a list of your tasks and follow it. Keep learning, stay up-to-date, track SE and SEO changes over time, be patient, work hard, be determined, consistent. Take your time and work on your goals steadily! Implement these principles described in this article and you will become a master of SEO within a very short time. 5 Steps to Successful SEO will work for you!

The success will not be missed!

There you have it! The 5 Steps to Successful SEO!

I hope you enjoyed this article. 5 Steps to Successful SEO is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to start with SEO and what they need to do to create a qualitative SEO website. Please leave a comment below! I would be more than happy to reply to it and open the discussion!

Finally, I want you to visit the best online marketing community worldwide, I am a member too. Check it out, the whole program and join us! Click here to start! If you want, visit this link to find out more before joining us! You will not regret! I promise you! I didn’t, why should you?

See you on the inside!


5 Steps to Successful SEO-Start learning today

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