5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail

5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail

5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail article explains a few very common omissions people do when starting an affiliate marketing business online.

Affiliate marketing is an attractive making money online opportunity that more and more people are joining daily. In fact, it is one of the best, easiest, for many people also the fastest way of earning money online. It is giving the opportunity to generate a full-time income online.

Affiliates benefit from selling the vendor’s products and services, while the vendors benefit from building up an army of their seller on a freelance basis.

Affiliate marketers earn profit margins by promoting and selling products and services. Because of the growing competition in the affiliate marketing industry, it is not easy to maintain good selling quotes.

Thus, the affiliate marketer is confronted with finding innovative and fruitful ways of marketing and selling. The competition requires affiliates to be creative, determinate, focused and hard-working.

Although the competition is rapidly growing, affiliate marketing compared to traditional ways of promoting and selling is still a more effective, risk-free and cost-effective promotion.

Unfortunately not every affiliate marketer will experience success. There is a thin line between succeeding and failing in the affiliate marketing industry. This is why many fail. The reasons for it are numerous. The premise of success is hard work, determination, persistence, focus and helping people. It is not enough to drive people to affiliate websites.

Read below about 5 very common reasons many people fail in the affiliate marketing niche.

1. Time And Work Investment

You know the saying: “The time is money!” We can translate it also to: “No Time, No Money!” If you don’t have time to build your business, how will you be able to build it? No building is built overnight.

It needs proper planning, scheduling, and implementation of building skills, tools, material, steady work and so forth. You have got the point. The same happens with affiliate marketing.

Above that, the buyers are getting smarter, more sophisticated, even more spoiled. They want to get more for less money. At the same time, as mentioned earlier, the competition is growing daily. All these circumstances require more engagement and hard work, in other terms, more time investment.

Therefore, be sure you dedicate your affiliate marketing business to the needed time and work. It is an unavoidable approach you need to follow in order to succeed.

2. Adequate preparation

The next saying you might hear is: “The Proper Preparation Is Half Work Done!”

If you are starting your affiliate marketing business, after defining the niche and finding the proper affiliate program (I hope you know how to do it, if not, let me help you now by clicking here and checking my #1 recommendation), you need to prepare yourself adequate for selling by conducting the market research and finding the targeted customers. To do so you can define the buyer’s persona.

Once you have done that, your next task is to create a compelling website that you will use to promote the vendor’s products or services. Your website must be relevant to your niche, well designed, fast loading, easy to navigate and SE optimized.

The vendor should ensure that he has the right affiliate websites and various promotional materials prepared for the affiliates. Having a modern, world-class hosting in place is a must.

If the hosting service is not up-to-date, to slow or badly maintained, the affiliates will “fly away” and search for a reliable vendor. The affiliate should focus solely on promoting and selling, not also on maintaining vendor’s websites. The difference makes the “self-made” solution where affiliates have their own servers and hosting possibilities.

3. Your Website

Many affiliate marketers prefer to have their own created websites! They want to have their own online assets. It is crucial for the affiliate marketing business and success. Certainly, there are ways you can use to succeed also without your website online. However, I don’t recommend that because the chances you will succeed are so small that it is no worth of trying it.

Having own website will enable you multiple streams of promotional activities! Store and represent more affiliate businesses at once! Build an online community, engage on a regular basis, share files, offer guest blogging!

Furthermore, capture leads, conduct various marketing campaigns and surveys, create different forms for different purposes, create different content, collect payments! Build your authority online, represent yourself as an expert online, update regularly the content, and much more.

Your website is the comprehensive platform you need to keep a useful, helpful, easy-to-use and friendly place for your visitors.

Do you need more to be convinced?

It is actually the most important tool in your affiliate marketing strategy and online business. Thus it should be planned and designed carefully and professionally. It is not the same what kind of web-design you use, the layout, navigation, structure, the content you share on it, and more.

Everybody likes to see a decent shop offline, so is with the website online. It is your “window to the world” and should be built properly.

You have already heard that “the content is the king!” I always add: “The context Is The Queen”, and “Your Website Is Your Kingdom!” It is imperative to create a content-rich website. Google loves to have such assets in its register. It will award you with much better rank and send you much more visitors.

The visitors will thank you for it with coming back more often to your site and probably become your loyal subscribers and buyers. They would be happy to enjoy a better user experience and will most probably recommend and share your website as well. Your website can become viral and gain many visitors. It is crucial for your online business success and growth.

Optimize Your Pages For The Usera And For Search Engines

Optimizing your website for the visitors (as the primary task) and for the search engines afterward will provide you better user experience. That includes great relevant content and relevant keywords implemented in the content.

Remember, you are creating content for the users, not for search engines. Keep that in mind every time you create a specific piece for your website content or write an article, blog post or even when you answer to comments received below your content.

The people are coming to your website because you created interesting content they would like to read, or they searched for. Having the proper domain name, great hosting and relevant content will make sure your visitors will find and stay on your site, and moreover, come back to it again.

Make sure your site is relevant to your niche, your content to your website and niche and make consumption of your content easy and comfortable for your reader, and you will experience the better rank, more visitors and ultimately more conversions.

So, be sure you take good care of your website in all its aspects.

Your website is your visit card and a window into the world, enabling your online business to become stronger, and long-term success.

As a special thanks for reading my article, I would like to offer you the free possibility to create your first beautiful WordPress website, full hosted on the modern and powerful hosting servers. Enter the domain of your choice (free again) into the form below and create your beautiful WordPress website. It is completely free!

Get up and running your website within the next 30-50 seconds. And, very important: you can keep your free website forever (in fact, you can create two of them for free). You can remain a free member for as long as you want. Is that not awesome?

4. Affiliate Marketing Advertising

This is actually the primary task you need to do completely on your own. It is how you grow your business. You need to bring your product or service in front of a massive targeted audience. You need to know how to do it. If you don’t know yet, then don’t waste any time anymore and start learning now. Click here and start for free! Get instant access to your 10 online marketing lessons now!

The online world is a place with billions of users at the same time. Can you imagine that? All of them accessible from the comfort of your home. At your screen. Amazing stuff actually!

Certainly, you can’t reach all of them. And you shouldn’t. Instead, you should reach your targeted market and targeted customers. If they don’t know you and that your business exists, how the heck will you be able to reach them? How will you be able to sell and make a profit? Proper advertising is the lifeblood of your business.

You should be focusing on becoming an advertising expert. Or, you need to hire someone that is already an expert, which costs a lot of money. Besides, knowing the online marketing and advertising principles and strategies and saving you a lot of money and headache, it will position you as a marketing expert in your field.

Use Many Available Advertising Possibilities 

There are so many advertising possibilities nowadays you can use to successfully promote your website and your business online.

  Social media platforms
  Content marketing
  Video marketing
  Email marketing
  SE marketing
  Paid advertising
  Another more than 80 ways to choose from.

Click here to read my other post and checklist for 87 Types Of Web Marketing you can choose from to implement them into your overall online marketing strategy.

Remember, if you don’t advertise, you will not be able to develop and build your online business, whatever strategy or technique you might use.

If you are looking for a great place to start learning more about online advertising click here and start right away. Get immediate access to professional online marketing lessons. You will be very glad you did, believe me.

5. Affiliate Marketing Education

“Knowledge is power!” We know that! The affiliate marketing field is a dynamical area improving and developing constantly. An affiliate marketer that is permanently developing his marketing skills and knowledge will benefit from a long-term perspective.

Running for “a quick buck” without taking time to learn the tricks and hacks of the business will prevent satisfactory results along your affiliate marketing journey. There are so many things associated with affiliate marketing. Starting with adequate website creation, promotion, SEO, on the page and off-page optimization, content building, and other technical and strategical issues.

Knowing what the customers search for, what they need and desire when landing on your page, how the vendors compete against each other, what are the building blocks of a long-term successful business, how to turn own skills and knowledge in a lucrative long-term business online, will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

It is recommended that you get well informed about the product and service you want to sell and make sure you understand every aspect of the affiliate marketing business before entering into the affiliate marketing “arena!”

We are witnessing the process of “quick quitting” after signing up for a certain affiliate program. It is because of many affiliate marketers after not getting instant results and get very much disappointed and thus quitting or signing up for another program as soon as possible. And, then repeating the mistakes again and again.

Don’t fall into this category and take your time to build your affiliate marketing online business.

The Conclusion!

Please, keep in mind that quick success is not possible. The competition is too big within the affiliate marketing industry.

Work on yourself. Be patient. Stay motivated and highly focused. Learn constantly. Be the best you can be. Like in a sports field. Do your best. Be the best player and competitor you can. Develop your skills constantly. Advance skills, techniques, and strategies. It is the only way how you can avoid falling into the affiliate marketing business.

To help you with that, don’t wait any longer, click on the banner below and create your Starter Account now. Learn how to create your long-term successful business online. I guarantee your satisfaction.

Hope to see you on the inside. If you need any help, let me know and I would be more than happy to help you out.

Finally, if you liked the article, please leave a comment below. I would be glad to open the discussion.



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20 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketers Fail”

  1. Well said, Igor and thank you for re-affirming to me the necessities for being successful online.

    I have the website and I am getting the best training and I am optimizing the content I have written.  BUT, the two things that evade me are the “Time and Work” parts of the equation.  I don’t know if it’s the “Fear of Failure/Success” syndrome or being unable to focus on a daily basis. Maybe it’s just not being rested enough.

    These two things are probably the most important when it comes to building authority online and achieving a sustainable income.

    The training is important as well, ( and I am getting the best), but, it must be followed step by step, lesson by lesson.  However, without the other two, success will continue to be elusive.

    Advertising?  I do some but not enough but, who knew there were so many ways to do that?  87 and I bet most of them are free or cost very little.  I’ll have to check out your other article about this. 

    The second paragraph in your CONCLUSION says it all, Igor. Thank you for your words and encouragement,


    • Hi, Wayne!

      Thanks for your comment. 

      Yes, it is important to advertise. It is about getting traffic and visitors to your site (product or service). Marketing is changed comparing to traditional one and “older period” where the producers were more in focus. These days the customers and their needs are the focus. 
      But, you may have the best website and if nobody or a few people see it, the rest will not know it exists. I use to use: there is no free advertising. Why? because, either you need to invest money or your time and work for implementing free advertising. 

      In a nutshell, it is about finding the most cost-effective ways of advertising and going to a process of learning, developing and executing. I am sure it is a process that newbies and other inexperienced marketers can learn and master.
      Wishy you a lot of success,
      Best regards,

  2. Interesting article and one that gets my blood boiling at times. So many people want to make money online and a percentage of these think there is some magic potion. They think there is a “3 clicks of your mouse and BOOM a million dollars will drop into your bank account” solution out there. I’m sorry to bust your bubble people but that doesn’t exist unless you are a Russion hacker lol.

    Affiliate marketing is no different to any business. You need to put in the time and effort to achieve results – simple. You summed it up really well I think.

    Great post – thanks


    • Hi Ian!

      Very clear and to the point comment. Affiliate marketing means marketing someone else’s products or services. It means working. You need to bring the products and services in front of the people, as many as possible. Best, the targeted potential customers. Avoiding needed advertising will definitely stop progress and success.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Best regards,

  3. This is a great post! The topic is very helpful for those who are just beginning their affiliate marketing journey and for the seasoned affiliate marketer alike. In order to succeed you must avoid failure, excellent. Time sure is money, and you are spot-on saying that consumers are getting more spoiled, wanted more for less. Creating content for users, not search engines, another very helpful point. I also really like your list of advertising possibilities and the way that they lead into your 87 types of web marketing link, well done!

    • Hi, Pentrental!

      Succeeding is possible but very often not easy. There is always a process required to be respected and fulfilled. Especially if all done by yourself. becoming a self-made successful entrepreneur is a combination of many factors executed properly. As mentioned in my article there are many ways of market online (some of them are revolutionary) and open to everyone to choose the one of interest.

      I am glad if I could help to make an easier proper decision.

      Thanks for commenting,

      Best regards,

  4. That’s a nice and thorough article. It was really interesting to read about the 5 reasons of failure! You are right that so much is needed to work successfully as an afiliate marketer. Do you think that one can make money as an affiliate marketer while learning the skills? I’ve only come across some of the affiliate marketing tools so far, so thank you for sharing them: Do you think that anyone can be successful if he knows only some of them?

    • Yes, it can! Praxis is the best teacher. Implement the strategies as you go and improve your skills. there is always one most important part of the whole process needed: proper advertising. You can advertise even if you don’t have skills and website. But, you need to advertise. It is how you attract potential clients to your business. 

      Before starting advertising be sure to choose the right program, product or service and to define your advertising budget if using paid advertising. Starting for free is the most secure and comfortable way to start.
      Follow the training, accomplish the tasks and practice, even if you are not skilled. It is the only way how you can get skilled.

      I wish you a lot of success!
      Best regards,

  5. Great points on why most affiliate marketers fail. For me, it is just hard to find the balance to make affiliate marketing happen. I am juggling between my freelance job, my site, my marriage, my family, learning new materials etc. I know everyone is facing the same problem as me, hopefully I find my balance soon. Right now it is just too much of one thing and try to fill in with another. It is also very challenging now to do a post on my blog weekly because I have just started my youtube video. Affiliate marketing is sure not a get rich quick like you said, but I am sticking to it though so I can have a better future finance.

    • Hi Nuttanee!

      As I can see out of your comment you are really a busy person. There is a lot to do. The one thing I can recommend is to take a step by step and to set the proper schedule for all your tasks. Then, start executing them each one per time. Create a list of the primary, secondary and tertiary tasks, goals and steps you need to accomplish to obtain a good schedule and execute the tasks on time.

      Another tip, only if your budget allows, would be to outsource important tasks. Always controlling the results and the work of the person you hire. 

      I wish you a lot of success and the best time scheduling. Remember, execute the most important and key things first then the rest!

      Best regards,

  6. This is a good article on some of the reasons why affiliate marketers might fail. I am new to the field myself so I can attest to the struggle sometimes to stay inspired and motivated with no sales accruing yet. Without seeing some fruits to your labor, it can be hard to want to continue. What has helped me the most is being a part of a community that helps offer inspiration, support, motivation and resources to help you succeed. Without it – I don’t think I would’ve made the jump into affiliate marketing. This community is the wealthy affiliate community you recommend. With their help, patience and hard work – success is very attainable.

    • Hi Sherry!

      It is indeed difficult to stay motivated and to keep going without visible results. But, if considering the whole effort as a consisting part of your personal and business improvement and investment in your future success it might be worth to sustain the positive attitude and to stay on track.

      However, if all would be so easy then almost everybody would succeed. Success is the ultimate goal and every goal needs to be achieved. Even accomplishments of small goals or each step to success can be considered as a success, as a part of your ultimate goal.

      I wish you a lot of success and accomplishment of your goals.

      Best regards,

  7. Hi Igor.
    I have read your post as I am interested in affiliate marketing. You provide 5 reasons why affiliate marketers fail. Your recommendation to develop my skills constantly, advanced skills, techniques, and strategies as the only way how I can avoid failing in affiliate marketing business is absolutely right. Your post helps me to learn many things that influence us to fail in affiliate marketing.
    Thank you so much for your sharing informative post.

    • Hi Monalisha!

      I am glad to help if I can. I needed to go also through the process of learning and I can only say I am glad I did it. It really helps to “free up your mind”, to get new important skills and to enhance your overall online marketing knowledge. Every time you spent time to learn something and to grow your skills and experience is a great step forward.
      I can only encorage you to do so and to keep it up.

      Wish you great success,
      Best regards,

  8. When I created my website I focused on creating original and sometimes funny content with catchy headings. This works but there are some things that are often missed with affiliate marketers and that is they need to longtail target with a post to get at least 1-2 posts viral so that people see their website. What trick for affiliate marketing has worked for you?

    • Hi Jon!

      The only trick I have been using it to follow the training and praxis. You can’t trick Google and you can tricks people, at least on the long-term. I have had best results always by organizing webinars. It worked best. And I enjoyed it. In my experience, it is the best method of getting a broader subscriber base faster.

      Besides, writing an interesting post (I am speaking about written content mostly, what was the central point a few years ago and it is still so, because of the crawling methods) can result with great page rank, as happened to me after achieving #1 Google page rank with certain posts. But, there is no guarantee. The other “trick” if you can call it that way is to get moving and to get writing and posting.

      It is actually I can admit at this point.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Best regards,

  9. Marketing is the best thing anyone one can do in my opinion. I know that you need patients cause this doesn’t work overnight. I f you put the work in and follow the steps you will be successful in this business. I really enjoy reading your post. I will be looking out for more.

    • HI Claudia!

      Thanks a lot for commenting. Yes, it is important to know the pros and cons of online business. Also, knowing how to overcome the obstacles will make you an experienced and recognized onlien marketer. It will also grow your business.
      The great thing is that everyone has a chance to succeed if knowing how to do it. Thus, learning, transforming, improving, practicing are important focal point everyone, especially the beginners, should focus on, in order to succeed.

      Wish you much success,
      Best regards,

  10. Good morning Igor

    I need to read this today as I have been working really hard on my site but feel I have been missing some essential tools and reading through this blog has been insightful and inspirational to me – thank you so much for this really thorough info share and I hope many people read this to boost their knowledge on how to become successful online

    Kudos and thanks again

    • HI Vicki!

      I am glad to help if I can. Like any other business, knowing what can harm your business can only help you to improve your strategy and to focus on relevant and important tasks. Regardless of the attractivity, the online business is offering, I am sure many people agree that it also brings some risks, disadvantages, and obstacles with it. Discovering them and having enough skills, knowledge, and resources to overcome them will boost your business. It is especially true for beginners and inexperienced online marketers.

      Wish you great success and invite you to come more often to my site and read more material. Share it if you think it is valuable for others as well.

      Thanks in advance,
      Best regards,


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