5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles

5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles

Welcome to the 5 points to consider when creating articles post that will give you a brief insight into to “evergreen topic” about how to write appealing and successful articles for your purposes.

Please, bear in mind that this post has a bit more than 3000 words, thus, I would be glad if you can read it all till the end of it, to get the information you are interested in.

I am sure that you agree that the importance of the articles on your website is huge. It may actually be beyond your understanding.

Also, maybe you understand how and why various pieces of written content on your site are essential for your website, and your overall affiliate and online marketing as well.

The ultimate goal of writing articles for your website is to get traffic to it. Different reports (articles) became a crucial part of the successful online marketing strategy when trying to attract more visitors to your site.

Writing articles became a separate marketing strategy, called Article Marketing!

The Excellent Article Contains Excellent Content. Delivering Great Content Is An essential Point Of The 5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles. 

Read more about it below.

Great content will attract traffic. It is “the same old story.” about article creation and marketing. If you want to read more about article marketing, click here now.

However, well-written articles are known as the “guideposts” for the searchers online for “coming to your site.” Search engines love great content; we can draw from it that they love great written articles too. Every website with great articles will get a better search engine rank.

So again, the same game: “as the rank is higher, more searchers will find your site and more visitors you will get on your content.” As more people come to your site, and as more subscribers you have, your “making money online and succeeding online game is getting better and better,” and many other possibilities open up as well.

Articles are the one way of promoting your website. But a very effective and important one. There are many other ways as well, but for today, in this brief report, we will focus on several essential points related to excellent article writing and the purpose of it.

So, be sure you create compelling, exciting, well written, and designed articles to make your visitors coming back more often for more content because they like your work.

If you write well-composed and designed articles, well-structured, and post them on your site, I am sure your visitors will recommend your site to other people as well.

As the title of this article mentions, there are some vital points to be considered when writing well-written pieces of content.

With that said, I want to emphasize and briefly describe the five following essential points of the well-written article:

  1. Keywords
  2. Great content (context)
  3. Links
  4. Organization and Structure of the written material
  5. The Conclusion

Important note: you will find within this article some different words for an article, like, report essay, item, material, or pieces of content. It is because of the flow of the article. Please keep in mind that it is always about the article, which is the topic of the day.

Do You Consider The Keywords As The Most Important Point Out Of The 5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles, Listed Above?

Let me know by sending me a message or leaving a comment at the end of the article! I am considering the keywords as extremely important points when creating articles!

5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles-The Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important points of the 5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles, if not the most important one.

Below, I will briefly cover the following keyword’s terms and factors:

  • keywords
  • keywords phrases (long-tail keywords)
  • the density of the implemented keywords
  • the relevancy

Keywords are words (terms) people enter into the search engine’s search line when trying to find the desired content.

Practically anything you use to find content on the web through search engines and searching is a keyword or a key-phrase. Someone calls key-phrases also long-tail keywords.

All sorts of keywords should be relevant to your niche and your content and context. Because people will find your article on the web through keywords searches that reflect your niche or the topic of your essay, you should optimize your articles for keywords.

If, for example, you are in the online marketing niche or any other, maybe bakery, then your articles and keywords in it should be relevant to that niche. Otherwise, people will find another piece of content and not yours.

Keywords that identify your site have more chances of success, as your content as well. Many companies offer many different tools for dealing with keywords in many forms. Those tools are free to use and paid if you decide to enhance your keywords research and management.

The tool I use is called Jaaxy. I highly recommend it. It is a state-of-the-art tool you can use in a free and paid version. Give it a try! I am sure you won’t be sorry you did.

The Density Of The Inserted Keywords Within Your Article

5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles-The Keywords DensityWhen speaking about “keywords density,” you should know that Google (and other search engines) doesn’t like “key stuffing.”

It is a method used to implement too many keywords within an article that will force the search engine to pick up your written piece among others when the searchers search for a particular topic under your keyword or keyword phrase.

On the other hand, you need to implement enough keywords to be sure search engines find you when the searchers search for a particular topic under those keywords.

So, the proper keywords density is vital to get visitors and potential customers to your content on your site.

When speaking about “keywords density,” you should know that Google (and other search engines) doesn’t like “key stuffing.” It is a method used to implement too many keywords within an article that will force the search engine to pick up your written piece among others when the searchers search for a particular topic under your keyword or keyword phrase.

On the other hand, you need to implement enough keywords to be sure search engines find you when the searchers search for a particular topic under those keywords.

So, the proper keywords density is vital to get visitors and potential customers to your content on your site.

In “praxis,” it means that you enter relevant keywords several numbers of times and on proper places within an article. The volume of the written text it means the number of words will mostly decide how many keywords you should enter into the written section.

As said before, if you enter too many, the search engine may feel you don’t deliver quality content and feel no likely to rank your text high, and on the other hand, if you implement to a low number of keywords may result with too low rank and incorrect indexing of your piece of content.

The Keywords Relevancy

5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles-The Relevancy

The last thing I want to pay attention to, related to keywords, is its relevancy, which is one of the essential parts of the keywords strategy you have consider very seriously.

Having un-related keywords inserted within your article will “mislead” the search engines and your readers to different topic or meaning of your context.

Imagine you want to search online for “food for Siamese cats” and the author of the article that sells such food insert, intentionally or unintentionally, keywords like: “cats food,” or “animal food,” or “food for kittens up to 1-year-old” or similar.

Those keywords are not that specific, although the words have to do with cats don’t have to do with your “Siamese cats” In that case, you would need to search further and find the specific food you want to buy for your cats.

Alternatively, in an even worse scenario, the author of the article inserts keywords like “pet food” or “animal food” or similar. You have got the point.

As the keywords are more specific, relevant, and up to a point, you will have more chances to gain a higher rank of your article and gain more particular visitors within your niche to your site.

As Mentioned Above, You Can’t List The 5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles Without The Point Of Delivering Great Content

5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles-Content

A great written article delivers excellent content. Period! We mentioned today the importance of proper keyword implementation.

Please keep in mind is that it is advisory to consider those keywords as the reading part of the content, and the reader should be able to read them as the whole written material itself.

Make them as a natural integral part of an article reader can read as a whole.

The next factor which is getting more and more critical is the article’s engagement. The Internet delivers billions of written pieces.

Your item must somehow stand put, at least for the time the reader comes to it and the next couple of minutes after the reader start reading it.

If your article conveys engagement, in the form of interest headline, engaging first paragraph and exciting topic, the reader will most likely keep reading it, which is your ultimate goal.

The content you create, and its context is what makes people to stay or to leave or even to come back to it. Thus, please put all your efforts into creating engaging content to keep your visitors as long as possible on it.

Provide relevant information. In fact,

there is no alternative to providING information that match your site and your topic of the article, 

There are many reasons for that.  Write articles related to the website and the title of the material. Having irrelevant information will make your site unserious and has no use at all. It will show to the reader that you want to deliver any content to attract visitors and not to provide useful, informative, and helpful information.

If I search for the term: “how to find the best fitness center in San Francisco,” I don’t want to get on the article that explains “how to find the best massage center in San Francisco,” although having a massage sometimes is either not a bad thing, right?

Deliver facts, data, and other value that is relevant, up to date and informative. People love to read data very often. They want to measure, compare, get vital statistics, and make decisions accordingly.

Thus providing such information and insights will make your article interesting, and probably people will like to come back again and look for some more of it. Fresh accurate, information is always “a hook” for the reader.

Please, be aware of the truthful information. The truth is an essential factor when speaking about trust and authority online. To gain respect, trust, and build yourself as an authority online, within any niche you are in, always deliver truthful information.

As you know, as in life, so online as well: “it is not easy to gain credibility, but it is easy to lose it quickly.”

Last, but not least, the excellent design is also something you should consider when creating your content. It is a big topic, which I am going to pass now.

Use relevant graphics, either created by yourself or by another author you hire and if possible, add some related videos. The keyword here is “Relevancy.” Make sure your media content is relevant to your context.

Video is a great “engagement tactic” for your visitors, and deliver information in a fun and personal style. You may also add some YouTube videos because Google likes YouTube.

So, there you have it. Few essential pieces of advice when creating appealing, valuable content for your readers. Of course, there is more about, what will be covered on my other posts and throughout my site.

With that in mind, I can only encourage you to keep visiting my website and find the content you may find interesting to read.

5 Points To Consider When Creating Articles Include Also Links In Your Article

The Links in Your Articles

So many times we can hear people ask: “Should I implement links within my article and if yes, what kind of and how many of them?”

Well, it is a great question. I can tell you that links are as relevant as all other mentioned elements of the article.

There are many kinds of links. We can talk about internal, external, affiliate, buy now, take action and go to links, signature file links, and the resource box links, read more, and other sorts of connections.

Obviously, when writing articles for external directories (not for your website) like e-zines, newsletters or bulletins, you should add a signature file or resource box at the end of it and incorporate links to your website, so the reader of your articles, if he or she likes your item, can click on it and visit your site.

It is evident that if you are a good writer, you have much easier with article marketing, but it is also essential to know that you don’t have to be the master of writing to write compelling articles.

You can deliver the information about your skill and knowledge written in your own words and weed the context that every reader would like to read, within your niche.

When the reader of your article, comes to your piece of content, it is the headline that motivates him to read your written text.

However, this is only the first set of keeping the reader in your article. The next step you’ll have to accomplish is to create an appealing subheadline and exciting content.

The whole content should consist of approximately a thousand to thousand five hundred words. Write two or three sentences per each paragraph.

Leave you now free white space between the paragraphs and use one of the contrast colors for text. I recommend using black hue, sometimes blue or red.

The first part of the article should be introductory or an opening paragraph which will explain or tell the reader what you can expect within the report.

If you can remember the way of writing at school, also writing essays, you will be able to write appealing articles for your site as well.

Let the reader go from one section or paragraphs to another with ease. Try to create interesting content that will keep the reader throughout the whole article. Make it easy to keep reading all the items until the end of it.

The last paragraph should briefly describe, or wrap of the content of your article, explaining what the reader just learned.

The Conclusion, Or Final Words, Or Final Thoughts, Or The Summary, Or … Of The Article!

After finishing the body of your article, and after the last paragraphs, complete the article with a conclusion.

The conclusion should give a summary of the article and the topic. It should also entice the reader to take several desired actions.

After concluding your article, you may add a resource box! It will state you as an author. If you, for example, write an essay for E-zines or other article directories, add the link to your site.

You can also add the link to another internal or external content.

However, at the end of the total article, you may also add a promotional banner. It is what I like to practice. Check below at the end of the article. Add also some other interesting information you desire.

If needed re-read your article the next day. Don’t publish it immediately after finishing it. Get another opinion to be sure you have created an appealing article.

Save it for some external comments from your family members or friends. Ask them to read your article and give you precise feedback.

After you are happy with your amendments, you should publish it. Ask Google or your preferred Search Engine for indexing.

You want your article to be indexed and get the highest possible rank. Start driving significant traffic to it.

So, there you have it. The 5 points to consider when creating articles.

To summarize them once more:

  1. Apply proper keywords
  2. Write great, appealing content (create informative context)
  3. Use links in your articles
  4. Organize and structure your article properly
  5. End your article with the right conclusion

If you liked the article, please, leave a comment below and share it with friends. I am sure some of them would like to read the information and use it when writing own articles.

Lastly, as you could conclude from my article today, article marketing is very important. It is a branch of Content Marketing strategies.

Click here to learn more about Article Marketing. It is another post of mine that clarifies the topic more closely.

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