5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

5 Internet marketing tips for beginners will represent a brief overview of the 5 free strategies beginners can use to start their online marketing journey!

Welcome to GetMarketingToday and the “5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners” article! I am glad you took the decision to at least inform yourself a bit about internet marketing possibilities! With this article, I will try to make it interesting as possible for you to understand and enjoy the topic.

So, let’s start now!

What Is Online Marketing?

The definition of internet marketing (online marketing)!

As we know Wikipedia.com is a worldwide recognized source of knowledge, so here is the definition of internet marketing, found on it:

Online advertising, also called online marketing or Internet advertising or web advertising, is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.

Consumers view online advertising as an unwanted distraction with few benefits and have increasingly turned to ad blocking for a variety of reasons. When software is used to do the purchasing, it is known as programmatic advertising.”

You may read the whole article on Wikipedia here!

So, after an examination of the definition above, we could conclude: internet marketing is an activity which uses the internet (the web) to deliver promotional material to interested recipients. I use the word “interested” because this is the best audience you need to contact for your online marketing to deliver your promotional messages to!

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners Will Try To Explain That And More As Well.

Having said that, we can assume that this is an easy task to resolve, but in “real life”, conducting a daily online marketing routine, it is not so. In its definition internet marketing sounds very simple, but in a practice, it can be a very tedious task one needs to resolve.

This 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginner’s Article Is Not Going To Be About Paid Ways Of Internet Marketing Used Mostly By Experienced And Already Successful Online Marketers! 

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

Conducting successful online marketing is an ongoing and adaptable process, although some techniques remained held for years and are going to be used for years to come.

Online marketing is used to promote someone’s products and services to a large audience! The final goal of such activity is to make money online. The 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners article tries to make clear how few very known and powerful strategies can help you in achieving such a goal.

Every year, billions are spent on such purpose, but making money online is actually a simple process which can be explained in just a couple of steps:

  • Picking up the right niche for your online business activity
  • Creating your own website
  • Attracting a large audience to your website
  • Converting your visitors to your buyers
  • Making sales

Obviously, each step has own context and procedure. But, in a nutshell, this is it. I assume you have already decided your favorite niche you will work with and have created your own website as well.

Now is the time to start promoting your business. As an online marketing beginner, you can start for free! Your online marketing activity will cover the following tasks:

  1. Building up  your website for your particular niche
  2. Creating your email lists
  3. Sending out your newsletters about your online business or related topics
  4. Making your pages search engine friendly
  5. Creating content for the visitors, for the people.  

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners Emphasize Also The Importance Of Web Pages Optimized For Search Engines!

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

Optimization of the pages in a way they become search engine friendly is called Search Engine Optimization and it is a skill every online marketing and website creator beginner should learn about! At least the basic stuff about it. This is why SEO is a part of 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners as well.

Although your ultimate task is to create pages on your website for the readers in the first line, having your pages (every page of your website) optimized for the search engines will help you to get better search engine rank and consequently more visitors.

I am sure I don’t have to explain what a large amount of your website visitors means for your online business, right? Thus, the chain formed in accordance with your great content and search engine optimization looks as follow:

  1. Valuable and informative content on your website
  2. Search Engine Optimization of your pages
  3. Great Search Engine Rank
  4. Large Organic traffic to your website
  5. Conversions!

Search Engine optimization and high SERPS is one strategy of getting more customers into your online shop! To your online business of any kind. There are literally millions of niches available online. You need your website, period!

So, Your Website Is The Foundation Of Your Online Business And Any Other Online Marketing Activities.

Even if you don’t have a website you will need to reach your audience online! Either by writing and spreading around the net articles or attending to webinars! Or even by delivering some written, audio or video files to various directories online!

Obviously, the best way to start is to have your website created! You can use it for many purposes! So, let us keep it that way: your website is “base of all things!” Having your website in place will enable you to implement all of the 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners mentioned in this content today!

That is why your website is your most valuable asset online. If you don’t know how to create one, or you don’t have money to hire a professional web designer, I have a solution for both problems for you today!

The solution to the first problem of knowing how to create a website is right on this link! Click on it and start building up your own website for free!!

After Building Your Website, As A Newbie, Use The 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners To Start Your Successful Online Marketing Journey!

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a highly skilled and top website creation expert! You don’t need to know various static and dynamic programming scripts. You don’t even need to be a regular web designer. Further, you don’t need to know anything about hosting.

All you need to know is to use your PC, how to connect on the internet and how to log in into various programs!

For all the rest it is taken care for you! Besides, if you decide to create your own website for free now, as a special bonus, I will help you to do it as well. I have created already my websites with the same tools and platforms, so you will be able to do it as well.

Thus, to create your own website for free, by clicking on the yellow button below,  and preparing yourself for the coming online marketing efforts, create your starter account now for free and have your first website up and running within only 30 seconds from now.

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Hosted on superb, world-class hosting, created on a WordPress environment with the possibility of choosing between hundreds of beautifully professional designed themes, you will have a modern and fully functional website in hand!

Ok, you have your website up and running now. It is time to get started with basic marketing promotions! Begin with the implementation of one of the 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners and you can’t go wrong!

The first task would be adding some appealing content related to your niche with some included banners emphasizing your free or paid offers. Free offers will attract subscribers you can contact through your email campaigns and start building your relationships with them.

The Banners Placed On Your Website As One Of The 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners!

Free Starter Membership!

The banners 8as the one above, as an example) can include various messages, products, and services offers, subscribing options, newsletter subscribes requests, linking to other websites or internal content, directing to check out and more.

Banners can be placed on various positions on your website! At the top, at the bottom, on the sides of your pages, within the content. Very often the banners vary in sizes, shapes, and design. The imagination is on your side.

There are some common sizes and colors used for these purposes, but the key point is to use them as a tool for customer’s attraction.

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Banners are also an effective way of creating email lists which is one of the most important online marketing strategy used by millions of online marketers around the globe. Invite people to subscribe to your email list using banners.

Check on the right hand of my post about the “Email Marketing Basics” free e-book you can download immediately after you sign up for it, for free of course! As a little bonus and additional help to your online marketing strategies!

Free Newsletters Sign Up As Another Of The 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners!

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

Besides banners and free stuff, many online marketers use the power of free informative newsletters! The customer subscribes on your website for your free newsletter! In return, receives the up-to-date and interest info about various stuff going on online!

If the visitors of your site subscribe to your email list, they become your subscribers! Emails sent to such subscribers will not be considered as spam.

You can use such newsletters for building up the relationship with your subscribers! Further, use them for sending out soft offers and other valuable information. The length of an email and the frequency of sending vary from marketer to marketer.

Although there are already standards established in this industry many marketers are sending newsletters using different periods of time! Maybe, they will send them every day or twice or four times per week!  Or even once or twice per month.

Discover the best frequency that will work for you by yourself! Test your own frequency and analyze the response of the recipients. The beauty of the newsletters is that you are sending not only business proposals but also valuable information about the industry! Or maybe about any other topic! Such emails and content are not considered a purely business offer.

Just to mention, newsletters are not the same as email marketing campaigns. Although email is used for both strategies, email marketing campaigns are more focused! Straight to the point and very precise created campaigns with the emails which contain the specific topic, offer or service!

Email Marketing Is One Of The Most Important of 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners!

Besides sending the newsletter you may use another marketing strategy which is an email marketing strategy! But, either using newsletters or email marketing strategy, the key point is to send only solicited emails! Send them to an individual or to the group of recipients. Many online automated services can help you to send emails effortless! Free and paid once! Use them for this purpose.

My favorite tool at the moment is MailChimp.com which offers free and paid service. Such services are called “automated e-mail sending services” known as autoresponders.

To learn more about autoresponders, check my training created on the best online marketing platform of Wealthy Affiliate! Click here now, it is free!

Furthermore, to learn more about email marketing basics, subscribe above and get my free e-book “Email Marketing Basics!”

Moving from Email Marketing strategy and coming now to SEO, the very important strategy you need to learn!

SEO As Further Very Important Strategy Out Of 5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners!

Best ranked websites get most search engine traffic with numerous unique visits and clicks daily. The traffic is “flowing!” Contrary, if you don’t reach a higher rank position within SERPS, most likely you will get poor traffic! That will result in a lack of visitors and conversions.

Great search engine rank means at least position on the first page of the search engine! Furthermore, the best rank would be the position within the first five results of it.

To achieve such ranking takes time and continued effort! Use the right keywords and prooved SEO practices! It is achievable in a reasonable period of time! Google declares this time would be about 6 – 12 months from the start of your SEO implementation! Firstly, it is important your site is indexed by Google. if you need help about indexing your website, please contact me and I would be more than happy to help you out!

Please note one important thing about it! It would be actually enough (for the start) if just one of your pages achieves that rank. It is not possible for all of your pages to be highly ranked. The competition and search engine algorithms are too difficult to manage! Even just one page ranked high within SERPS can attract a large audience to your website.

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners Focuses Also On The Creation Of Valuable Content! It Is All About The People, Visitors, And Readers Of Your Valuable Content!

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

Finally, we came to a very important online marketing strategy! The creation of the content for the reader. The great content is your golden part of your online asset!  After my opinion, this is the most important strategy.

That includes also banners, search engines optimization, newsletters, email campaigns! Offer engagement with feedback requests, comments, quizzes, surveys, tables, etc.  All are used to attract people! Establish a connection and build a long-term relationship with them.

Besides, every search engine, so Google as the primary one as well, likes and wants a website that engages their visitors! Keep your visitors longer on your pages and the search engine will thank you. Attract and keep visitors on your website by offering them attractive and appealing, valuable content.

The search engine will thank you for creating such content with the trust and better rank. Please, keep in mind when creating your content that you need to create valuable content for your readers! Not for the search engines! Optimize your pages also for search engines!

Use the simple magic formula (SEO + Great content) to your benefit! This formula will help you to stay ahead of the competition!

Learn more about the creation of the great content for your website by clicking here!

The “Marketing Mix” Tips!

Before I conclude the article, and as a special thanks and bonus for reading this article, I would like to share with you another post that covers “Marketing Mix”, the marketing tips and actionable guide about how to market properly online. It is written by Martin from cleverism.com.

The article covers:

  1. The role of promotion in the marketing mix,
  2. Objectives of promotional activities,
  3. Major targets of promotional campaigns,
  4. The promotional mix,
  5. Types of promotional strategies,
  6. Managing promotion through the product life cycle, and
  7. An example of the promotion mix in action.

To visit this post click here. I highly recommend it to read it and get additional valuable insights into promotional activities to learn what is needed to succeed with your marketing campaigns.

There You Have It!

5 Internet Marketing Tips For The Beginners

Few free and very powerful ways of getting traffic and conducting online marketing strategies! Start building your website and developing your online marketing skills and knowledge.

Click now on the button below and create your starter account for free! Start learning more about this tremendous “art of marketing!”

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  1. What caught my attention in your post was the very important factor of maintaining a long-term relationship with your audience.

    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head as we like to say.  This means you have to find quality content to keep the audience engaged on your website so that they like what they read and are more likely to pay attention.

    Your advice on newsletters and email campaigns will keep the long-term relationship progressing to a point where your readers will learn to trust what you say as you would have built a repoire with them.

    Online marketing is hard work and we can see that from your post that you’ve put a lot of work into your website and I wish you all the best for your endeavours as you reach out to help others learn how to be successful in their online marketing.


    • Hi Edu!

      Yes, you are right! Online marketing is a hard work. One website needs to compete with millions other and billions of searches!

      It takes time and effort to succeed. The valuable content and info is a key. As in any other field of life, quality finds its way to success.

      My occupation for now is to deliver interesting and hopefully valuable content for the reader. If I can deliver that my first goal is accomplished!

      I hope my website will grow and the trust as well. After checking my stats within WA, it is now about 90% trust value. Pretty good I would say. I hope to get to 100%.

      Helping and teaching others one makes better as well. The success happens if the work is consistent, helpful and skilled enough to offer value. 

      Thanks for posting!

      Stay well, market better, convert!
      Best regards!

  2. I loved all 5 of your tips as they are straightforward and pretty easy to accomplish. It is amazing that in this day and age you don’t have to have a highly technical skill set to be successful online.

    Thank you very much for the information about 6-12 months in order to see results through Google by consistently building your website. I really love that you have a link to build 2 free websites. It is such a great resource.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to learn affiliate marketing as I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading a lot more articles on your website as the information is very resourceful.

    – Jay S.

    • Hi Jay!

      Firstly, thanks a lot for your kind and motivational comment. I appreciate it. It gives me more inspiration and motivation to go on. I would be happy to see you more often on my site. If you feel so, please share my site. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be online for many reasons! Great community with motivated and skilled people like to help and engage. Great affiliate program offering education, engagement, tools, platforms, support, etc.

      The knowledge accumulated here at WA is enormous! I have learned a lot out of it. And still do. I hope my ebsite will contribute to it as well.

      Wish you much success as well!

      Stay well. market better, convert!

      Best regards!

  3. I started an email list for my weekly newsletter very early for my website and I really recommend this to newbies. You can set it up totally for FREE using Email Subscribers plugin for WordPress.

    The other important thing you get with Wealthy Affiliate is the keyword research tool, Jaxxy, to use to target your content to low competition keywords. I am very pleased with my WA premium membership and really recommend it for anyone who wants to get serious about earning online when you put in some time and effort – WA provides everything you need for success – you just have to create the quality content and some other easy things like setting up an email newsletter with popup and/or sidebar form all with Free WordPress plugins.

    • HI Alexander!

      Exactly. Very well explained about WA! Kyle and Carson, along with jay know how  to create perfect affiliate program and resources place. The whole program is very comprehensive and helpful. for affordable amount of money.

      I enjoy my Premium membership as well. Tools like website creation software SiteRubix and Jaaxy, together with all the great platforms, all at one place, you can’t find anywhere else.

      I call the whole system: “The round editing system!” As you said, all you need to work online it is here, presented and delivered from WA!

      Wish you a lot of success!

      Stay well, market better, convert!

      Best regards!

  4. Enjoyed reading your 5 marketing tips for beginners. Lots of information in there. I am going to try the email and seo, right now they seem to be the ones which will be the easiest to implement.

    Having read your other articles., I can see you are definitely an expert here. The advice for a newbie is great, as most affiliates talk a language the general layman does not understand. Thanks for ease of understanding with all you have written here. 

    • Hi Jag!

      I really do appreciate your comment. This is my goal: to make it as simple as possible, and still as informative as possible. The simplicity over complexity! Please note, that to be simple in action is not enough! The real, massive action is needed to succeed. It takes time and effort to succeed.

      Wish you all the best in your online endeavors and a lot of success. Stay focused, determined and motivated.

      Hope to see you succeeding in the future.

      Again, stay well, market better, convert!

      Best regards!

  5. This article was so educational. I really liked that you explained everything so thoughtful. I got some new ideas for my new niche and will try to incorporate what I learned from this in my business. You can really go a long way with the proper SEO and it is so fun once you get a hold of it and know what to do. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Hi Pet!

      Yes, I agree! It is great fun conducting proper SEO! I have learned as well here at WA how to do it. Now, I enjoy every minute of article creation. Every time my article is alive on the internet, and indexed in a day or two, mostly, it is a new joy. It was not so couple of months ago. 

      Researching, writing, learning, this is what makes one better. I wish you all the best with your SEO efforts!
      Thanks for posting your comment. 

      Hope to see you more often on my site.
      Stay well, market better, convert!

      Best regards!


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