3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog

Hello and welcome to my 3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog article. I hope you will enjoy it and get some value out of it.

Business online is a way of making extra money for living for millions of people around the world. Many of them are their running own business by having their product or service or as an affiliate.

If you are the person that instead acts as an affiliate than having your product or service, your goal is to become a Super Affiliate.

However, for all of them is common that they decided about the niche they want to enter.

The broad or narrowed niche is simply a group of people with common interests.

By knowing their desires and problems they need to resolve, you will be able to serve them better and offer proper solutions for their issues.

As we all know, the vast population is searching online for various topics. Mainly they want to learn or buy something, but mostly they want to find solutions for their problems either online or offline and if possible for free.

The niche you chose to work with will attract a particular audience looking for what you have to offer. Do so, and you will be on the path to success. The targeted audience is what you are aiming for regardless of the niche you choose.

Thus, defining your niche is crucial for your success online.

It should be your essential motive to take into consideration and use it to determine what is it what you want to offer to your prospective customers.

After my opinion, it is one of the most important tasks you need to resolve when starting your business online, especially if you do this for the first time in your life.

Many motives can drive you to pick up the right niche, and in this article today I want to emphasize three more possible reasons you may experience when picking up the niche for your business online or even your blog.

In this article today, I want to emphasize the three possible motives as ideas about why you should have the niche for your business online or for your blog.

The purposes I am going to point out are crucial for achieving success online. In my opinion, the motives are important ones also for offline or any other achievement.

However, our focus today is an online business. The three motives, or we can call them also factors of successful business online if done correctly, will drive your power and energy toward success.

I am sure you are confident that people have different motives when conducting action online. Not all of them are focused only on business online.

Still, the three suggestions will explain what should motivate you toward your online business success.

Here are the three motivational suggestions!

Do What You Love!

3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog-Love What You Do!

Your first motivation should be your passion and love for your topic. It is simple: “If you don’t love what you do, how can you resist the drawbacks and master the problems that can (and will) occur on your road to success?”

To overcome all the difficulties that come along with building your business online on a long-term basis, you need to love what you do!

It will keep your motivation on a high level for an extended period.

Focusing your energy on things and tasks you love to do will boost your motivation and results. It will enable you to do work best you can. Your customers will “feel” your enthusiasm and will gladly become part of your endeavor.

The “formula” is the same for all kinds of industries or niches you want to enter and to succeed. If your passion is not within the area of “common niches” or it is not well-known to your targeted prospective audience, by loving your niche it is only a matter of time when that will be the case.

Very soon you will present your products or services, or anything else you want to show the world in the best and most attractive manner you can. Even if it is about sub-niche or just a small fragment of the market, it can attract a broad audience.

Imagine how many mothers in the world need a straightforward product: baby bottle pacifiers. Alternatively, how many starters of a business online could need advice on how to create a website or just about how to create a simple social media account?

Undoubtedly, there are so many tutorials online already but bear in mind that still half of the population worldwide doesn’t have yet any access to the internet.

Almost anything that attracts a group of people can be a niche. Millions of topics can present your favorite slot.

Discover what you love and go for it. It will keep your motivation on a high level for an extended period, which is crucial to succeeding within the business online world.

So, as the first of the 3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog I want to emphasize is love for what you do!

Build Your Expertise!

3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog-Build Your Expertise!

The next motivation out of the 3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog I want to emphasize that can boost your business online is your motivation to become an expert in your field.

It is not only about reading stuff and acquiring great theoretical knowledge, but it is also about practicing things and getting practical expertise as well.

To get some more insights into the topic of expertise and consuming products within the online marketing arena click here!

Please, try to put yourself in the shoes of the searchers online. Would you search for the specific topic online and get advice from the expert in the particular field of your concern, or would you ask for a piece of advice from an inexperienced and unskilled entrepreneur instead?

The same happens with the searchers when searching for their solutions online. Knowing what your expertise is within a specific niche is another gate to success. Build a reputation as an expert, and people will ask you for advice and solutions. It is what you need to succeed.

If you know all about your product or service and have answers to all of the questions you might get from the audience, it will make you known as an expert.

The benefits of becoming an expert in your niche are numerous:

  • the people will more likely ask you for your opinion
  • they might also propose you as an expert to their friends
  • maybe some of them will ask you to join venture with them
  • your skills and knowledge will improve and open other possibilities for you
  • you will enjoy more using your product and service as well
  • it can happen that your skills and expertise will enable you to become a real inventor and producer of additional products and services and thus expand your business

There is a saying that says: “better to be a king in the village than a citizen in the city!” Certainly, this saying doesn’t suit always, but I am sure it does for many occasions. In other words, it is better to become an expert in one particular field than to try to be an expert “in everything you try to do!”

You can’t satisfy everyone every time. I am sure you too certainly agree you can’t be an expert in many fields at once. You can’t build your expertise overnight. It takes time, effort, and work to become an expert. Take your time and develop your knowledge; it is worth doing it.

Build your expertise that will help you to stay motivated for the time ahead of you. Success will follow you.

Build Your Relationships Online!

3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog-Build Your Relationship Online!

There is a simple logic behind narrowing the niche within your industry and targeted market or even markets.

Narrowing the niches means easier finding similar companies and people involved in that market. Establishing the relationship and networking with them becomes a much easier task that way.

Networking with “similar-minded” entrepreneurs makes it much easier to create a business relationship, and probably any other kind of relationship. Maybe your narrowed niche within your industry is complementary with different similar niches and thus can generate business partnerships.

For example, consider a prominent car producer, a company that produces world-known cars. However, you are also acting within the car industry, but you can’t build cars as a whole.

Instead, you can produce a small part of a single vehicle that the big producer might need, however, because of other reasons the leading producer doesn’t want to build such pieces.

What you could do is to establish a business relationship with such a company and produce needed parts for it. You are practically narrowing down your production and creating a business relationship for mutual benefits.

The principle described above can work with many other cases, regarding if it is about tangible or digital products.

Don’t create more competition. Narrow your niche, especially if you are starting. Motivate yourself to build relationships within your niche, with your targeted audience.

So, there you have it. The 3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog! 

The three crucial motivations described in this article today can boost your business online to high levels. This “magic formula” consist of just “three ingredients,” but significant ones:

  • do what you love
  • become an expert in your niche
  • build relationships

You can create the following equation: LOVE+EXPERTISE+RELATIONSHIP!

What a beautiful formula, isn’t it? 3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog formula for every beginner, an advanced and experienced online marketer.

Success is possible and achievable for almost everyone. I say “almost everyone” because I need to add: ” … that is ready to put in the effort and time needed to succeed!” The action is the next part you need to put your formula in living.

Practice your method, and soon you will find out your best recipe, your own, the one you can use for any business online you enter and make fruitful.

So, there you have it! The 3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog. To learn more about online marketing and how to become a “Super Online and Affiliate Marketer” click here or click on the banner below. You may also ask me more if you need any additional advice or have some more questions on the topic!

I would be glad to help and open the discussion.

With that in mind, I want to thank you for being my reader today and want to motivate you to share my article with your friends. It would be a pleasure to know other people found some value in it as well.

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6 thoughts on “3 Motives That Will Help You To Build Your Online Business Or Blog”

  1. Thanks for this informative article. I just recently started an online business and have been looking for different ways to increase its growth. I hit kind of a snag recently and am trying to get out of this slump. Your “Love, Expertise, Relationship” approach is very interesting and reassuring. I will definitely try this approach with my blog and hope to see results. Thanks for sharing!! 

    • Hi Chris!

      The equation I am mentioning in my article: Love+Expertise+Relationship is a proven method of getting results. However, as in any other field of achievement knowing the equation without taking action can’t bring desired results. By implementing the equation into your daily practice you can’t go wrong. You will enjoy what you do and the success will follow. But, repeated: it all depends on you and your action!

      Wish you massive success,
      Best regards,

  2. Great article you have written up here and I must really commend you for taking your time to share this article. It is true that getting to do what one loves is integral to success since it will be passion driven and only passion can push one to success. Building expertise over a particular field will ensure one attaining every bit of knowledge in the niche and learning more as this would help to ascertain ones authority and establish trust with site visitors. Great post!

    • Hi Darrick!

      I hope my article is easy to remember. Especially the equation. Love + Expertise + Relationship (LER!) You have explained perfectly what it takes to establish trust and gain visitors to your post. Honestly, nothing to add here now. Instead, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog post and the comment.

      I wish you massive success,
      Best regards,

  3. Wow, this was really helpful and I’m glad I read your post today. I just started off my affiliate marketing journey and picking a niche is a real problem for me. What I love doesn’t seem to be monetary for me because its not so wide spread so it’s kind of confusing. You have given me a good insight on what I need to know. Thank you for putting this up. I’ll put all you’ve said in mind.

    • Hi Henderson!

      Check also my other blog posts! What you love I most important. The internet audience is so huge and growing daily that there must be enough audience interested in your topic (niche!) Before starting your blog and business conduct some online researches and find the targeted audience and where they hang out.

      The monetization is the result. The purpose is to grow your knowledge, online recognition, and expertise. It will grow your customer base what in return can make your monetization satisfactory for you. 

      As always, there is no guarantee for success, but what it matters is your action, your massive action. No action, no results. It is same everywhere. Either you do it or somebody else does it for you! What is more realistic for you? You know it best!

      Thanks a lot for reading my post and for the comment!

      I wish you massive success,
      Best regards,


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