3 effective online marketing strategies

3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies

3 effective online marketing strategies will explain today 3 ways you can use to conduct online marketing. One is free, two are paid!

Keep reading to check them all.

Online Marketing Is Big!

3 effective online marketing strategies

No doubt about it! Millions of people are marketing online and billions of web pages are spread across the internet. However, not all of them have success. That tells us that nobody can guarantee you success. As in real life, the effort, commitment, determination, skills, specific knowledge and more are in charge of success.

Still, many businesses and individuals are conducting online marketing. That tells also that internet marketing is too complicated and that is available to the large mass of population and businesses.

Today’s article will present the 3 ways of internet marketing strategies individual or a business can apply in a daily marketing routine.

Maybe this approach will not be that popular because it is not about only free ways of doing online marketing, but can still be very effective. In that case, you need to consider your budget and decide how much you want to spend for such a purpose. This is a very important issue because promoting online while spending a large sum of money it doesn’t mean also immediately a success. If you miss your target group you will miss also your online marketing goal.

In relation to today’s topic, let us assume three things: you are a business owner or just a writer that wants to promote your written masterpiece, and you have access to the internet. Please, don’t forget that still half of the population don’t have access to it. This actually opens more possibilities for online marketing growth. As soon more people will have access to the online world, online marketing will grow again.

The 3 effective online marketing strategies will with the growth of internet users become even more effective!

That said, the internet becomes your online marketing tool. Such a tool you can use to participate on message boards, or forums.

Message Boards As One Of The 3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies!

3 effective online marketing strategies

Before we dive now int the topic of message boards, let’s learn what our message boards?

In that sense, Wikipedia describes very well what are message boards and forums:

“An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.[1]

Forums act as centralized locations for topical discussion. The Forum format is derived from BBS and Usenet.[2] The most notable and significant Internet forums communities have converged around topics ranging from medicine to technology, and vocations and hobbies.

Forums are an element of social media technologies which take on many different forms including blogsbusiness networksenterprise social networksforumsmicroblogsphoto sharingproducts/services reviewsocial bookmarkingsocial gamingsocial networksvideo sharing, and virtual worlds

Click on the link to finding the list of internet forums!

So, let us now take a closer look at the definition of message boards. The message board is a place where you can discuss with your targeted audience various things. It is done by posting messages! It is a central place where people around the world meet each other in a digital form and “talk to each other” about a certain topic.

The forum is a result of a “computer server running software” and Usenet “a worldwide distributed discussion system available on computers”. As explained in Wikipedia most important internet forums discuss medicine and technology, and others!

You can read more about BBS here and about Usenet here!

So, in a nutshell, message boards or forums are places where different online users discuss different topics.

Thus, your ultimate goal is to sign up for such forums and share your ideas, information, discuss your and other various products and services, always bear in mind to discuss with the targeted and relevant group of people.

If your discussion is appealing and offer value, many participants in the discussion will most likely visit your website, through the links you leave on such forums. This is a great source of highly targeted and valuable visitors to your site, and most probably the source of backlinks what will help you also to get a higher rank with your website on SERPS.

Now, when you know what message boards or forums are, your next task should be to join some of them. The thing is that, obviously, you should join forums related to your business, niche, the topic of delivery etc.

On such boards, you can promote your business, contact related audience, and post your signatures with your own links in it. This is a great way to attract related, targeted audience to your website. Visit here my post about the importance of having your own website!

Thus, when conducting your online marketing strategy, don’t omit this very useful and common strategy, one of the 3 effective online marketing strategies referred here today, message boards or forums!

3 effective online marketing strategies

After your website is launched online, you have the tool to start working with for time to come. Your website is your “storage place”, “your home online” where you can store much interested and valuable content for your reader.

Before posting links to your website on message boards, I suggest you get known with all the policies of the message boards and forums to post your content and signature in a proper way.  Contrary, you may get into danger of being kicked out of the forum or your messages declared as spam. It takes a couple of minutes to go through the policy of the board but can save you many headaches.

Contact SEO Company As Another Of The 3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies!

3 effective online marketing strategies

The next very common and useful, for you very simple, but sometimes costly option to online marketing is to contact the recognized company with a lot of references and experience in the online marketing and SEO world. As said, this will cost you money.

A great alternative to this approach is a joining to the online university where you can get all the same skills and knowledge, tools to your disposal, large instant support of the online marketer community, experts in many niches, for free or for the very low monthly fee, depending on the membership you choose. Click here to inform yourself about the membership before you even take a concrete further step!

Having your website optimized for the SE can boost your website rank. However, it is not that easy task, but It is also not that complicated! The most difficult thing about it the determination and regularly involvement in the whole process of content creation, promotion and conversion.

It takes time and effort before you can see significant results. Sometimes even for months or years. Thus, hiring a professional marketing agency can help to accelerate the process. The next important issue is how to know that the agency is good for you? Well, search around, talk to them, ask questions and then decide. There are many agencies to choose from. Regardless, what agency you pick up, there is always a matter of money invested and the quality of your website.

Searchers are looking for best content and search engines wants to show them the same, high quality, valuable content because it is actually their core business. Please, don’t get into the trap here! High-quality content doesn’t mean immediately the right content. This is because your high-quality content must be also highly relevant and targeted content. Same with visitors. You are always looking for highly targeted visitors to your website.

This is where such experienced marketing agencies can help you!

To build high quality and relevant websites, and to get highly targeted visitors to your content. So, that means that the context of your content must be related to your niche, products, and services you want to promote and to the group of people you are attracting to your website.

All these you can achieve also by yourself, but if you decide to go this way, be aware of the time and effort you need to invest to get great results. One of the options I can offer you today to help you in your learning process is to offer you free online marketing university membership where you can learn at your won how to reach all these goals and become an expert in this field. Many already successful marketers will help you along the way and you will have all the tools and technology at your disposal as well.

Click on the button below to create your Starter Account now!

Create your starter account now

Create Your Online Marketing Plan As The Third Of 3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies!

3 effective online marketing strategies

Every successful internet marketing strategy needs also a certain plan of action. So yours as well. You can do that in three ways:

  • by yourself
  • with external assistance

When speaking about “by yourself way” then you need first to learn how to plan it and what contains such a plan. Contrary, when speaking about the “extern help” then you need to hire a specialized referring company (or agency) to do that for you. Again, this will cost money, sometimes a lot of money. Planning such a strategy is not “a few hours work”. It is actually a real job. Done full time. If you can’t do it by yourself, outsourcing it would be an option, as said before. I also mentioned before that you can learn how to plan your internet strategy as well, what for you need to attend some lessons, have a guide to rely on, be able to see some examples in a real-time and more.

Fortunately, there is a place existing online, you can join now if you wish, for free or as a paid member, for far less money than as hiring specialized internet marketing agencies.

So the decision is on your side! What should you do next? I suggest you create your starter account now! Start learning about online marketing! Find out all the ways, techniques, and hacks you can come across during online marketing promotions! Implement proper online marketing strategies.

After learning the skills and getting needed knowledge, you will have the knowledge to talk to experienced online marketing agencies! You can then re-invest earned money into enhanced and more aggressive online marketing campaigns.

So, there you have it for today!

3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies To Start Your Internet Marketing Journey!

3 effective online marketing strategies

Let’s recapitulate all three, the one is free and two paid ways:

  • Posting your messages on message boards (forums)
  • Hiring a specialized SEO company
  • Planning your online marketing strategy (hiring the pro agency for this task)

It is your turn now. The most important part of the whole story is to start. Either way, paid or free, you need to make the first step.  “The longest trip starts with the first step!” Standing still will not bring you anywhere. This year only, more than 865 billion searches were conducted online on Google alone! More than 247 million websites were created so far. More than 88 trillion emails were sent.

Engagement Online Is Huge! Participate As Well!

Can you see the engagement going on online? And it is only growing. Do you want to be a part of it as well? It is a “new world formed and growing even more up” within us. The world of massive digital engagement. Share your skills and knowledge as well! Get the chance to become successful in this digital world!

Till next time, wish you happy learning and marketing,

Be well, market better and convert!

Best regards!

Please, if you liked to article, leave a comment below. If you need any help, please feel free to ask and I would be more than happy to help.

8 thoughts on “3 Effective Online Marketing Strategies”

  1. Hey Igor,

    Thank your sharing  the 3 effective Online Marketing Strategies. Well, I’ve just started blogging for a while, l might not have the budget to hire the specialized SEO agency or Pro agency for the marketing planning. Basically, l am mostly focusing on content marketing strategies such as frequency of posts (posting calendar), posting in social media accounts, email marketing and posting my messages on message boards (forums) to build up my brand and connection.

    For the time being, l used to optimize our SEO yourself instead of hiring a specialized SEO Agency. 

    Search engines are designed to connect people with valuable information — immediately, when they want it. So my goals here is to post only quality and relevancy content. I also scheduling my own planning for the online marketing strategies with a Google Calendar.

    Until then, if budget allowed, l might looking into hiring SEO and Content Marketing Planning Agency.

    Best regards.


    • Hi Zayn!

      Very well explained. Thanks!

      You are doing right! my two favorite resources when i ask for some new info about SEO or Google itself, are Wealthy Affiliate and Google itself. It is enough for me. there are so many valuable resources online that one might get lost. I am also checking them out, but sometimes, making it to complicated it will only make it more difficult as well.

      Of Course, there are more great resources online about SEO and online marketing, but as said the two mentioned above are fine for me for now! Google itself is also a great resource.

      Mastering SEO is not that difficult. More difficult is to get great result. Time is your friend and enemy. Friend in a term of patience, and enemy in a term of quick success and impatience. 

      It is your choice which way to go! 

      I wish you patience, good work and success! 
      Thanks a lot for the comment.

      Stay well. market better, convert!

      Best regards!

    • Hi Furkan!

      Well, this is hard to say, because it all depends on the task you want to hire the SEO company for. The pure SEO is one field of action, while it can be enlarged to other activities. Also, it depends on your location, the duration of the contract, etc.

      There are many valuable agencies available online and offline. Wealthy Affiliate, for example, can offer you all you need for proper SEO services. You may ask them.

      After my opinion, the best way to find such an agency would be to Google it or ask WA!

      For example, I am using Yoast plugin, so I am sure Yoast would be a good choice as well.

      Best regards!

  2. Thank you for sharing such an important post on effective online marketing strategies. As you said ,online marketing is so difficult it asks much effort to achieve the success. I like the way you explained everything about SE, meeting forum of related nice ….

    I  am new in this field and i hope through experienced affiliate marketers ,i will achieve my goals.

    • Hi Julienne!

      Thanks for your kind comment. As i can see you are a teacher, right?
      Well, then you know how important is to gain some needed skills and knowledge to have success in particular topic, niche, field of action …whatever!

      You came to the right place. You will learn fast and afterwards will have enough skills and tools to teach others.

      Many people still starve for getting proper education and skills. Find out your niche you are best in  and start educating people online, about it. Use your skills as a teacher. Online world is information. Share your valuable information and you will succeed.

      Wish you much success!
      Stay well, market better, convert!

      Best regards!

  3. The strategies you have listed are gold!

    I think I will go the forum route as right now it seems to be the most easiest and cheapest way to get publicity.

    But there are many forums where you cannot leave a website address, how do you combat that?

    Paying an SEO I am not sure is sure fire thing as some of them do unethical advertising, not sure if I want to get my site banned. 

    Which SEO is your go to?

    • Hi Jag!

      This time I am going straight to answers!

      Regarding leaving website address on various forums, you don’t need to do so! Leave it on your article, within your signature! If the forum doesn’t allow you that, you have two options: you mention the name of your website within the article, without the domain name, it means just the pure name of your site, or better option, you don’t post on such forums!

      There are enough forums online that allow you to post your website address! Note: be sure you always read the policy of the forum before posting to it.

      The real ethical SEO company will do the job! Thus, you need to talk to them before asking them to do the job for you. Ask for some references, check the company, talk to them live. You can even talk to them about the advertising you want on your website or offsite, before conducting such activity.

      I do my SEO by myself. I am using Yoast plugin and I am implementing the Google rules and other stuff learned here at WA!

      SEO seems to be difficult, but it is not so. When you “grasp the grip” in a proper way, you will become skilled in no time.

      Check the lessons within WA and additional training about SEO! Attend to webinars Jay is running (the WA coach) and you will have enough resources and knowledge to do your own SEO.

      Besides, if you need help, just ask!

      Stay well, market better, convert!

      Your WA friend,


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