3 Best Quick Tip For Finding The Perfect Niche

3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche

Thanks for visiting my article today the 3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche! I hope you will find some value in it. Making money online is getting more and more popular. That is why I was motivated to write this article.

Millions of people worldwide are trying to make money on the internet by doing thousands of different businesses. Also, there is still a place for millions of others. Half of the population don’t even have access to the internet yet.

One very popular, if not almost the most popular way of making money online is a strategy called blogging. Many successful online marketers made much money online using blogs.

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Blogging Is Available To Anyone!

3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche-Narrow Your Niche-Blogging!

Blogging is accessible to anyone who likes to write or can hire writers for their purposes. That would be a more expensive way, but outsourcing is a great way to start making money for the people who don’t have time to create their content or write blogs regularly.

Blogging and content marketing are practically overwhelming internet with billions of blogs created, and millions of them added every day.

With that in mind, if you start blogging, you might hear from many people that to become a successful blogger and online marketer, you need to write about your passion and topics you love.

It is for sure not wrong advice, but unfortunately, in many cases, it is not enough to love topic to start making money online.

Additional to having a successful blog and writing about what you know well can help other people to resolve their problems by reading your blogs. Every successful online or affiliate marketer need to pick up the profitable niche and conduct massive promotional activities.

With this article today, the 3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche, I wanted to make it closer to you three essential steps you need to accomplish to make it more possible to succeed online as a blogger or online marketer that makes money.

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The 3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche you are going to discover within the report today will make more explicit about the tasks every online marketer should conduct to start making money online, so you too.

Here are the three quick best tips for today.

Choose The Topic You Admire And Like To Learn About More!

3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche-Narrow Your Niche-The Topic You Love!

Not everyone dares to start writing for the people online. Despite this fact, not everyone can decide with ease what to write about because there are millions of topics already covered on the internet and choosing the right theme is not easy either.

Still, once you start writing, you will discover how exciting and easy is to write about things you know or even better you are a real expert in the field of your writing.

A prevalent issue that arises over the time for many people after starting writing is “loss of interest!” In simple words, many people lose very quickly, and this I mean after just a couple of months, the interest for keep writing.

To overcome this significant issue, you need to pick the niche you like the most, you have some expertise in it, and most important you want to write about on a day in-day out basis. Moreover, you also like to learn more and more about it.

The 3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche will show you the possible direction you may follow as well.

Remember, you don’t need to be the “best expert in the world” to write about it. Just write about what you love and excites you. It can be anything you like about related to your chosen niche. For example, many people want to cook. It is a massive field for writing possibilities.

Alternatively, maybe also how to repair cars or even how to learn to sew and create beautiful pieces of clothing.

There are millions of topics you can use to write and share valuable information about to your readers.

“How to” blogs and article are viral because people want to get quick, best, and accurate information about how to do things. Alternatively, how to learn something or how to avoid something.

Maybe the hobby you have is an excellent resource of yours for starting your successful blog and business online.

Brainstorm a while, and soon you will have much stuff to write about and make your readers happy by offering them additional resources of knowledge, advice, and solutions for their problems. It is what you should aim for when picking up your niche and start blogging.

Conduct Thorough Market Research!

3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche-Narrow Your Niche-Market Research!

All right! You have decided what to write. Now you need to find out who and where your readers will hang online. You want to make sure you will have enough big market to cover to start making money with your blog and niche.

Remember that even a much-narrowed slot can have a considerable market. Many people online (more than 4 billion every day) have many interests and covering even a small part of that vast audience, or a smaller targeted group can have a high impact to your business online.

Expressed in numbers the scenario could be as follow: imagine you can cover just a fraction of that enormous searcher’s base online of only 0, 01% of 4 billion of searchers. It makes 400.000 potential customers.

If you cover 0, 1%, it makes 4000.000, and if you can accomplish (with massive, proper and regular promotional activities of course) 1, 0% of the overall searchers online it will create 40.000.000 potential customers for your business.

Hugh, it sounds great. Unfortunately, it seems to be much better than it is in reality. To reach 40 millions of users just for your niche and business, you need a lot of time, effort, skills, knowledge, and sometimes money too. It is a long-lasting process you can’t accomplish overnight.

However, starting slowly, from scratch, will make it possible to achieve such goals over time. Sometimes it can take even a couple of years, but once realized your life would change forever.

Can you imagine to have the customer base of 10.000, 20.000, 30.000 or 40.000 customers willing to buy what you offer and to come back to you over and over again?

These numbers are a reality for many online marketers.

Also, much bigger once. Why you can’t be also one of them and enjoy all the benefits such a customer’s base will bring along?

So, conclude proper market research and find out where your targeted market will be and find a bit more about your prospective customers. It will help you to direct your marketing campaign in the right direction and target your buyers better.

One way to do market research is to use the tool Google is giving us for free, which is Google Trends. You can visit this link and start searching. Give it a try and “search what the world is searching for!” It takes a bit of your time but can give you valuable information in return.

All you have to do is to enter your topic into the search bar to check the monthly interest of the searchers online. You can search for demographically as well and the progress of searches for a particular topic.

Start researching your topic now and prepare yourself for online success properly.

Narrow Your Niche!

3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche-Narrow Your Niche!

Google is not only the biggest search engine worldwide and the biggest directory online.

It is moreover the tool you can use for your business online.

Google gives us (and in most cases for free) many tools to use to make the company better, to help us grow and to enable you to make proper decisions easier.

Although no one can understand Google’s search algorithms, following Google’s advice can help us to become better searchers, online marketers, and bloggers as well.

A straightforward method to use when searching online through Google SE is to use the search bar.

As simple as it sounds, you can look for the competition just by searching for your topic within the search bar.

If you get too many results in return, consider narrowing your niche. Pick a niche that doesn’t get so many search results, which means less competition.

Search for some related search terms and find the one you might use for your needs.

You may also pick certain keywords and analyze their features to define the keywords with less competition as possible. There are many valuable tools online to do so.

Google also has one, but the one I recommend I use for my needs as well is called Jaaxy! It is an outstanding tool that is much more than just a keywords research tool.

Click here to find out more about it, and I can only recommend subscribing for free or for any other plan it provides. You won’t be sorry you did it.

Once you picked the niche with the lower competition but higher volume of audience, go for it! Next, find the market for it.

More likely, you will be able to succeed with your niche faster and create a remarkable base of your potential customers.

Stand Out From The Crowd!

3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche-Stand Out!

Ok, now you have your right niche. You want to present it to the world. The best way to do so is to start blogging. The next which is not an easy one is to stand out from the crowd.

Start feeling your blog with high-quality, related, unique, and up-to-date content. It will help you to stand out and to attract desired readers and potential customers.

Your blog and your overall blogging activities will open the gate to success. Make your blog adorable, that every reader that comes across will like to go back again and to read more.

Deliver accurate information. Make it valuable, useful, and beneficial for your reader. Be persistent, constant, and stay motivated.

Keeping the three best quick tips from above in mind will help you to focus properly! Pick up the best niche and create relevant content for your blog.

I wish you much success. If you need any further help, please let me know. I would be more than glad to help you out!

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18 thoughts on “3 Best Quick Tips For Finding The Perfect Niche”

  1. Well I am amazed that there are billions of blogs. But it makes sense because each person can make more than one blog. Yes you are right it sometimes takes more than just enjoying a subject in order to make money from it online. I’m glad you wrote this article because I always have trouble choosing a niche. 

    When I think about the topics I am the most interested in, I think there is either too much competition or they just wouldn’t be profitable. But you are right with market research and narrowing down then they could be a great subject and profitable too. I liked your article and also you have good graphics on here.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment!

      Making money online became more difficult because of the huge competition. Also, the “big players” are getting even bigger. To stand out among all of them and other newcomers and existing businesses is not an easy task. Investing in promotion would make it easier but only if you know how to do it. Acquiring needed knowledge and being ready to dedicate needed effort and time is after my opinion the right way to go.

      I wish you much success!


  2. Hello Igor, great article you have up here and it is very helpful. One thing that is very common these days when it comes to blogging is to pick the right niche for the blog. I had this problem when I wanted to create my website and it took me a whole lot of time before I could pick an area of interest that would interest me for long time to come. The tips you shared up here would definitely be of great help to a lot of people. Thanks

    • Hi Darrick!

      I really do appreciate you like the article. Yes, some people need a bit more time to decide about the proper niche of their interest! The thing is that you can choose practically any niche you want but if you are not “at home” in that niche, what means if you don’t master the topic already, you need to learn additionally about that particular niche. That can in return ask from you to consider additional time and effort to master it.

      That way or another, developing a niche and becoming an expert in your field online requires always time and effort. 

      Thanks for your comment, 
      Wishing you much success.


  3. Hi Igor

    As they say when you are presented with so many choices it gets so difficult to narrow it down to a select few. The three tips you have suggested are vital for you to pick a niche that not only suits you but also your audience. This is not an easy thing to do, as it involves a lot of research and effort. You have to search deeply into what you are good at and to find out what you competition is like. This takes time and practice as you may make wrong choices that go no where. I can say that boredom is a big blog killer, as you thought you had plenty to say but end up with deafening silence.

    I really appreciate your article.



    • Hi Antonio!

      What to say? You are completely right. Boredom is a “real blog killer” and finding the niche you love and you can stay motivated for a long period of time is a great achievement. Especially after starting when the excitement gets lower and you need to start working on your niche, it can de-motivate if you don’t like the topic or get bored easily.

      Thanks a lot for your reply and comment.

      Wishing you much success,

  4. Thank you for sharing such informative information about finding the proper niche. I started writing some years back, but i later discovered that i lost interest in it. W.A really helped me to developed my writing skills. You’ve done a good job by providing full detailed tips on it. I think i need to start working on my thorough Market research work by focusing on where my readers will hang online. Excellent and very useful post, thanks.

    • Yes, finding where your readers hang online is a great way to build your subscriber’s base. Having a list of people interested in your work, articles, business online is the foundation of the business. At least, having people coming to your website, store, content and afterward converting them to your loyal customers is what you need to focus on. No visitors, no customers. Simple.

      I wish you much success,
      Best regards,

  5. I really like your post, you made it so simple to understand. I think the most important thing is to pick something that you like and know about. You may not know everything about it but because you love it, you will happily spend time learning about it. And you will be inspired to come up with a singular view on the subject to stand out from your competition.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Adyns,

      Loving the topic will ensure you stick with it. Sticking with your niche will motivate to develop it, learn more about it and to become a master of it. I appreciate you like my article. The purpose of it was to convey a simple information everyone can understand and implement.

      I would be more than happy to know it helped you too.

      Thanks a lot for your comment,
      Wishing you much success,

      Best regards,

  6. I like the fact that you mentioned that blogging is for everyone.

    There is one thing that I really agree 100% is to narrow down the niche.  Even when you are something who have found your passion online, there is still a need for you to narrow down your focus in order to market the topic in your niche.  This way, you will be able to provide quality information that stood out from the rest of your competitions in your niche.

    Last but not least, having passion in what you do is so important so that you can always be consistent and progressive as you move along.

    Thank you for sharing such informative article for us.

    • I am glad you like the article. Narrowing focusing and being passionate is what motivates you to keep going, making you an expert in what you do. As in sport, the focus is so important. Passion as well. narrowing the niche makes it easier to focus and to deliver valuable detailed information to your reader (customer) desire.

      Thanks a lot for your comment,
      I appreciate it,

      Best regards and a lot of success,

  7. Hallo there Igor, 

    I just learn about affiliate marketing very recently and decided I am going to make it work for me. So I got this training that is walking me through how to go about affiliate marketing, step by step, and we got to the niche picking part that got me really overwhelmed.

    I couldn’t think of a niche I could major in but the way you make the process easy and natural is something I liked. With your help, I went from confusion on which niche to go for to a huge list of things I could based my website on. 

    Your post came really in handy for me. Thank you very much for the valuable help.

    • Hi Dave!
      I am really glad to hear my article did help you. Especially when starting online or affiliate marketing, it is important after starting to keep going. Starting with something you like, love and you are passionate about, along with the knowledge you possess within that particular topic, also by focusing on not too many and broad things will make it so much easier for you to develop.

      Afterward, when you become a skilled, experienced and successful marketer, like any other business you may consider to go broader way, but always keeping in focus your starter narrowed niche.

      Wiching you massive success,
      best regards,

  8. Thanks, Igor for sharing your 3 tips in finding the perfect niche. Basic, but true. There is no point in writing about something that you do not enjoy or have no passion for. That in itself is a kind of torture. But if it is something urgent and important… persistence does pay off!

    Knowing your readers and catering to their needs on one hand is important… however, it is also important to remain true to who you really are… Thanks for recommending Google Trends and Jaaxy! Much appreciated!

    • Hi iToLing!

      Yes, you pointed perfectly. You need to keep your personality and stick with what you are. That way you may build your brand, develop as a master and become recognized online, in other terms, to stand out.

      Google trends is really a very handy tool to discover many things related to your prospective audience. Jaxxy is also a great tool to do much more than just to find the best keywords for your content.

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I appreciate it!

      Wishing you much success,
      Best regards,

  9. I  have had troubles deciding what my niche is. This is after I think I have my niche in place only to realize that I do not find it interesting to talk about it. I now know that I have to think of a profitable niche while at it. I agree that market research will set any bloggere to the right direction.

    Thank you for the interesting findings on the internet scenario. It would indeed be great if I can have all of the 0.1% in internet researchers for myself. The tips you have provided are on point and very much applicable. I need to only focus and keep doing what I do.

    Thank you for taking your time to compile such a useful article.

    • Hi, Carol!

      Yes, the population online is so huge that if you can attract just a tiny fraction of it you may succeed greatly. Writing about you like and know will keep you focused and make it easier for you to establish yourself as an interesting author for your audience.

      I am glad my tips are easy to understand and apply. It was my aim to deliver useful info anyone can use for their reference or advice on how to proceed when searching for the proper niche.

      Thanks a lot for your comment,
      Wishing you much success,

      Best regards,


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