23 Online Marketing Benefits

23 Online Marketing Benefits

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15. Stress-free automation and multiplication of marketing tasks

Worldwide web!  The biggest marketing platform! An excellent place for your stress-free marketing and automation processes. You don’t have to be present or even do it all by yourself. Some tools will do the job for you. You can call the tools  “automation robots!”  They are not classical robots as you are used to seeing them on TV or elsewhere, but they are the devices that are fully automated.

Use the tools, software, and technology even when sleeping. It is the beauty of it. No stress! No need to do the tasks of sending promotions by yourself. Set up the automation software and watch the process of automation!

Use the time left for your other tasks! Relax. All you have to do is to pre-set all tasks and timing! No hassle at all.

It is the power and benefit of online marketing! There are many online cloud services available for such purposes! Store, organize and work online with your documents.

You can manage all online and get access whenever you have your internet connection. You can market online same products or services as offline! Either by yourself or by employing a specialized marketing agency.

Your choice! So, market well, convert better, all stress-free!

16. Discovering and penetration into different foreign markets


It is one of the most significant benefits of online marketing! Many online businesses, marketers and other people are trying to conquer international markets! They need to spread their customer’s base.

The successful online marketing campaign will also boost the interest of the offline, too.

Online marketing allows you to discover and penetrate different foreign markets ease! All thanks to online technology and targeted marketing strategies.

Create your online personas! Choose the reliable, exciting and vivid market, interested in your products or services. Even if you have only one product or one service of any kind, you can still choose your foreign exchange for it.

Create valuable ads and send them to that market. Track your visitors and conversions! Change and make your ads better! Adjust your online marketing campaigns to your benefit. Improve your conversions by discovering and penetrating foreign markets online. It will help you offline as well.

17. No limitations in revenue

To make a decent or even significant amount of money online, you don’t need to be the best-educated person in the world. You also don’t need to be a CEO or the owner of the large company. But you can be your own boss!

You can make real money online entirely by yourself! Many online marketers do already! By implementing specific practices and rules, you will succeed too. Regardless if even starting for free!

18. Higher profit margins

Profit margins

In a nutshell, online marketing is much cheaper from traditional offline marketing! For this reason, there is more room for higher profit margins left.

CEOs usually re-invest part of the gained profit into more efficient online marketing!

That allows them to achieve even more benefits out of it, and in return produce more revenue.

19. Internet marketing is not hard to learn

There are many places offline and online where to learn about online marketing. Online marketing became a separated discipline of the economics!  As a result of the internet invention fo internet. It helped many marketers to build lucrative businesses online. Many online marketing universities and teaching courses made learning about online marketing easy. With this in mind, start learning the basics of online marketing as well. Learn about all the benefits online marketing is offering.  

So, click here now!  Get some quick insights into my online marketing university suggestion #1!  It is the best to place for newbies and advanced marketers to be! If you want to know why to create your starter account and find out.

20. Smooth implementation of the modern techniques

Implement modern techniques!

We mentioned above that online space is an innovative and unique platform!  For marketing as well. It is not unexpected that more and more advanced online technology shows up almost on a daily basis.

It can be a new automatization software or any other kind of useful and beneficial tool!  Implementation of such new technologies can only help and boost productivity online! Moreover, marketing makes easier.

The various online software is more and more comfortable and more relaxed to use! You don’t have to be the super-tech person to use them. For many of them, no special coding needed! The visible part of software and working processes is more appealing and easier to read! Customer support is more and more accessible! The prices are also more acceptable comparing to a few years ago. With the growth of the internet audience, technology develops as well! There is still a big space left for the inventors, creators, and developers! They can produce more excellent and more useful software and various tools! For the benefit of online marketer’s and to make their daily work more manageable. Take your chance too! Start and keep using the excellent free and paid software and enjoy their benefits!

21. Automatization processes – AWeber, Get Response, Mail Chimp

Online space is a perfect leveraging, multiplication and automatization platform — unique one. The great benefit of it, additionally, is that you can conduct many of these tasks, completely free! Automating your online processes save you time and thus money too. „Time is money!“ say many! Is that the same within the online space? Sure it is. It is never too late to start your online marketing adventure! Use the automatization software to automate your online business! I named three very popular and professional automatization tools! Use one of them to automate your email marketing! Create as many online marketing campaigns you like or need! Gain enormous benefits of such undertakings. Use the software to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Create follow-up messages in no time. All automated send messages while you sleep. It is also the power of online marketing! You should turn it to your benefit!

I am using MailChimp as a very affordable version! Simple to use with great features and design. They have a free version as well. Check the software here!

22. Implementation of Content and Article marketing

Article writing

Online marketing is not imaginable without great content. Such created content needs to be valuable! Easy-to-read, exciting and beneficial for the people. Digital content created online is required to attract your prospects. Targeted or unexpected once. Such material will appear in the most prominent online libraries worldwide! Search engines. Google is the biggest one, thus covering more than 80% of the worldwide market share! It is setting essential standards in the industry. However, my main message here is: create your content and write articles for the visitors! For your targeted audience first! Then for the general online audience. Afterward, create content for the search engines.

Create valuable content and write articles for the people first! Keep that in mind always when creating relevant content.

Online marketing is useful content and article sharing. The significant benefit of such marketing is that you are delivering valuable content to people — the search engines like that. SE is fighting for great content. It is because having best material listed will keep their visitors longer engaged! More people publishing their content means more content, more ads on it and more revenue for SE. It is a circle: SEs need great content what bring more visitors to them! That creates more promotion what generates more revenue for SE. At the same time, for you, more people on SE also means more possibility for driving more traffic to your content. It can happen if you know how to do it.

Read below how you can join us and learn all you need about it!

So, create valuable content! Write high-quality articles! That way you will put yourself in a position to get a better rank in the SERPS! Moreover, most important, more traffic!  At the same time don’t forget that this is a „real battle online!“  You need to create valuable content to stand out! „Win that SE battle! “

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    • Thanks, Srdjan!

      Online Marketing has many benefits. Any activity has pros and cons, so OM as well. It is fascinating how the OM market is growing and offering so many possibilities!

      I am glad the article helps.
      Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it!
      Feel free to visit my site more often for other content and to share it!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  1. Thank you for this great and informative post, I always cherish articles that do talk about making money online and in that regard online marketing is no push over, I like online marketing for it arrays of benefits ,it gives the freedom to work from home and it can generate passive income. 

    • HI Clement!

      Exactly! Online marketing is “the industry of the modern era!”. Everyone has a chance to work free from the comfort of their home. many of the online marketers are making millions. Many less. Many still nothing! But, everyone has the chance. This is the beauty of it.

      I wish you also a lot of success!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Come more often to my site and leave comments and share my articles with your friends. Thanks in advance for that!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  2. Good post, Igor.  Thanks for taking the time to write it.  I agree that online marketing is the wave of the future.  I’m working my way through the online marketing world, and I’m getting close to implementing an email list.  I’m still hazy about that one, though, and am not sure how to go about it.  Have you been using email marketing for long?  How is your success with it?  I don’t think I have enough visitors to my site yet to make it work, but hopefully later this year I will.


    • Hi Grant!

      First of all thanks a lot for commenting on my post. I am glad you like it!
      To answer your questions let me answer them this way: email marketing was and it is still the best way to build up close relationship to your prospects. it is the most personal way of online marketing and most used nowadays. It seems it is going to stay so for years!

      My story with email marketing goes back for more than a decade when myself and some of the mine colleagues started a comprehensive affiliate marketing campaign for a company that made over 100 million in a just one to two years and then suddenly closed their doors by going bankruptcy. it was a company that was dealing with books, autoresponders, services, and some tangible products.

      We were able to gather almost more than 2000 real subscribers in a very short time, I think about two months. This all using webinars and email marketing. You see, webinars combined with online marketing is a very powerful way of marketing and it is actually the best way of doing it. The negative side of the whole story was that after the bankruptcy happened we lost the authority and trust and our whole subscriber base. Afterward, I decided to take along rest of online marketing what still remains my big passion. 

      After that time, I came across WA, back in 2013 (thus my profile Igor13) but didn’t want to engage more. It was again a mistake. I should stay with it. I joined again to WA at this time last year and decided to go slowly. I wanna first build up my website and then start promoting it in a more intensively way. I just enjoy now writing and building up my website.

      This is what matters to me the most at the moment. 

      Building a list is very important, of course. But, getting traffic to your site is more important. The email list is a list of your subscribers. The subscribers, obviously, need to come from somewhere. (organic traffic + paid traffic + social media site = formula).  It is simple. No traffic, no subscribers, no email list, no sales, no upsells, no money. 

      Thus, regardless of how you market online, the traffic is your most important concern. Of course, not any kind of traffic. You need targeted traffic, the valuable one. This is why you need to attract traffic with your valuable product or service. WA certainly is the one. You need to have a good road to take the drive to your site enjoyable for your visitors.

      So, it is a circle. The whole online marketing journey. Simple but still demanding. That is why so many people succeed and fail. For some failing is also a success because they learn from it. 

      In the end, it is not important my success or failure, or from someone else. You can learn from it, but it is all up to you. Do you want to build your email list? Yes? Great! Go for it! Start today. Ask, learn, build, go. Do it a better way.

      Hugh. I am really motivated now, right? But it is really so. if you need any help just drop me an email or contact me here at WA. I would be glad to help if I can.

      Also, i would be happy to see you more often on my blog or website. leave comments and share it with your friends. Thanks alot in advance for that!

      Wish you a lot of success,
      Best regards,


      I hope my comment was not too long, but you really motivated me to write a bit more about this important topic! This is also the power of online marketing. 

  3. Hello Igor,I have read one of the most comprehensive online marketing resource that i could find on the web.  You have truly delivered a great resource and makes it easy for regular people to understand that online marketing is not as difficult as we thought it to be.I will surely bookmark your website so that i can learn online marketing the right wayThank you for your helpful information

    • Hi Francis!

      Wow! What to say more except that I am so thrilled by your comment. That was my goal, to deliver valuable information as we learned here at WA to do. Please feel free to come back more often to my site and leave comments on my blogs. Share them with your friends and help them to succeed. It will help you too. 

      Stay tuned for more articles to come.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      Wish you a lot of success,
      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  4. This is a great in depth article with so much great information.  I couldnt stop reading because each point gave me more valuable information that I can hopefully use in my business.

    I see that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  I just want to say that it doesnt come much better than Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide such great information.  I cant wait to read it again to see what I may have missed.


    • Hi Dale!

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I appreciate it. This was my goal. To write valuable information. Comments as yours motivate me additionally to keep sharing valuable tips. You are right. researching, writing, and publishing take time. every article longer than 1000 words takes its time, but, in the end, if the result is fine, it was worth.

      I would be very glad to see you more often on my site and leave comments on my blogs. Share them with your friends. Thanks in advance for that!

      Online marketing is a great opportunity for everyone. It is used by millions. And only growing. Thus, placing the right info in front of them gives to the author more possibility to grow with them and enhance their skills.

      Thank you also for taking the time to read my blog. Stay tuned for more!

      Best regards,

      Stay well, market better, convert best!

  5. What a great site, I find it easy to use it as a guideline as it involves the subscription button also some automatic feedback channels, it’s very commendable site, and I am really looking forward to subscribe into it as I am very sure it’s of great help to me. It contains very important tips.

    well description with great and easy to understand images. Thumbs up for this.

    thank you.

    joy gateru.

    • Hi Joy!
      Thanks a lot! I appreciate that! I would be happy to see you as a subscriber to my site!
      Online marketing can be fun if you have enough passion for it. 
      Feel free to come back as often you like and leave comments on my posts! Share them with your friends, too! 
      If you need any help, contact me per email and I would be glad to help you out if I can.

      Stay tuned fo more!

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