13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient

13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient

13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient and powerful for everyday use!

13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient

Today, I decided to check some websites. I wanted to examine what I liked and what I didn’t like about their design, efficiency etc. Without any doubt, each site has the content which draws the visitor’s attention and there is also a content that completely makes the reader lose the interest.

Sure, it is not always easy to create an attractive website that will always draw reader’s attention and make him stay longer on it, but, still, there are some things which every website builder, creator or editor, can use to make the website more powerful.

That is why I decided to make an agenda of 13 relevant and useful points to take into account when creating the content. These points are simple and very practical, so anybody can use them without any worries.

Keep reading to check the list!

1. Your site should be created and written in a simple way. – Many people are trying to decorate the website and create a beautiful design to impress the visitors. The point is that the nowadays, especially in terms of getting valuable, relevant traffic, “the content is the king”, not the “the beauty or decoration”. Sure, the website must be decent designed, easy to read, etc, but the relevant, valuable content is the solution!

2. Another very important point is the “Load-speed!” of your site – keep in mind that the average visitor of your site will not wait longer than 3-4 seconds to see your content. If this is not the case, bye-bye, he/her is gone. They will not come back again and you will lose the chance to show your content. It is very important to get the visitor’s attention within that time frame.

3. The next point is to keep your site functional as much as possible. Don’t fill your site with unnecessary content. Make every page functional and easy to follow for the reader.

Make your site functional!

4. Ensure that your visitors know in every moment where he is on the site and how to come back to your homepage. Namely, the home page is a very important page of your site. Sometimes, it is like a landing page. The homepage is the entrance to your site and makes it achievable at any moment. This means that the navigation of your site must work perfectly. No one visitor will like the site where is not possible to navigate easily to home page back and forth to other pages (posts).

13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient

6. Use your personal, professional domains – if you want to build a serious, respectable, authority site, you need to get your specific, original domain. It means, better to invest a couple of dollars for the right domain and professional hosting, then to rely on free once, which can crash down by the time, or you can’t reach the support. With professional hosting and domain, you are “swimming safe!”.

Make your domain easy to remember and look professional!

6. Two golden words: “Website support!” – So important. And a professional one. Not just any kind of support. During your online presence, occasionally, every webmaster, builder of the site, will need a support. Be sure you get the right one. Your hosting provider must offer the overall, comprehensive support. You need to be able to log in to your admin area without any problem, 24/7/365.

Setting up of-of your emails, access to the remote server, FTP access and to other features should not be a problem. Create a checklist of all you need, depending on the purpose of your site, ask your provider about it and then decide what to do. It will save you a lot of worries later on.

7. Further, especially if your site is focused on selling, multiple ordering possibilities for your buyers are a mustthere are no alternatives. Your buyer must have access to reliable, secure, fast and accurate ordering and paying system. Do your best by any means. This is one of the most crucial parts of your whole online Eco-system.

If you created a perfect site, and you have a perfect product or service to sell, and then your buyers have problems within the ordering and during the buying process or they feel uncomfortable or insecure during payment processing, then, my friend, your trust, credibility, and up-selling will vanish.

Create multiple payment choices for the customers!

8. The obviously most important way of ordering and payment is acceptance of credit cards – This is the most common way of payment online. Use reliable payment processor (most known PayPal) and offer multiple card payment. Do not restrict payment just on one or two cards. Online marketing and online business are the international affairs. People around the world are using different credit cards. Make for them easy and secure enough to pay you. For that purpose use only established, proven, reliable payment processing companies!

13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient

9. Free information, bonuses, various incentives for the audience on your website – Many people are surfing and collecting free stuff online. Offering free stuff for your visitors have many benefits, for you as well. If you offer free stuff on a regular basis, they will come back and check what you have. Maybe, they will also share it, or invite others to check what you have.

Make sure it is something valuable. It can be anything, from digital to tangible objects. You can even share this  13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient, as a practical guide, for free. Mostly, the authors and creators of the content are giving away the digital products.

They create ebooks, e-courses, video lessons, various tutorials, you name it. Digital products are great stuff for sharing for free, because of many reasons. But, this is a topic of another post. Stay tuned for that.

These 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient are easy to implement. Use them in your daily practice!

10. Visitors to your site are your “goldmine” of your business – You want to stay in touch with them. To start building a relationship, to build trust. To do that, you would want to collect their e-mail address. The e-mail address is still by far best tool to stay in contact with your prospect in most natural and personal way.

Look, an average person opens his inbox almost more than 100 times per day. Just check how often did you check your inbox. Everything is happening through an e-mail traffic. E-mail marketing (newsletters, autoresponder messages, etc.) is one of the most important advice of 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient. Offers, notifications, free stuff giveaway, enrolling, subscribing, downloading, almost everything what is going on online, is happening through email.

Keep that in mind. Collecting emails from your visitors is an essential part of your whole making money cycle.

Building a strong email list is the lifeblood of your business.

11. As said before, your pages or posts must be functional. – Not just various pages, but your whole website as well. This also means, that your site must serve your purpose. Every site is built for a reason. If you want to sell something or maybe educate people, or to entertain, engage and build a community, keep in mind to build a relevant site to that topic. Keep the function of your site alive. Comply with your goals and the purpose of your web pages.

Thus, make your site relevant to the topic!

12. Encourage response – You want to get feedback from your visitors. Let them engage on your site. Leave them the opportunity to tell you how they feel, their point of view, and don’t discourage yourself if you sometimes experience also a negative impulse from your visitors.

If you are following the advice in this article, you will be fine. Anyway, a website without visitors and engagement is “a dead site!” Make it alive, vivid. Allow the audience to interact, as with you, so with others.

13. Most important point you are building a site for people. For your visitors who you want to convert into happy and satisfied buyers. You don’t want to build a website for the “best memory” of your life. You need to fulfill the visitor’s dreams, not yours. Your customers are coming to your site because of they need, desire and they hope to find it on your site. Make that happen. Put all your effort to meet their requests. Your website is your online asset. Take care of it and handle your visitors the proper wqay and you will have prosperous future with it.

Conclusion! 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient

13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient will help you to easily plan the creation of your site. Your marketing success depends on your website and on your marketing strategies what makes a marketing mix, but ALL STARTS WITH A WEBSITE.

The most important tool for your business. Since the inventions of websites, and it is still so. Your website is your “window into the world!”. It is your doorway to your online prosperity. Make your website user-friendly as much you can. Keep the purpose of your site all the time of your online presence.

Besides 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient, educate yourself, read, create, practice, attend classes, webinars, study other websites, do all you can to improve and to get better, every day. It will pay off.

And once more, as 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient are teaching us, your site is there for the people, for your online audience. Make your site easy to navigate, easy to read, offer value on it. Create regular, relevant, informative and interesting content.

Don’t try just to impress with the great fancy design. Instead, make it useful, simple, well structured and functional.  Consequently, your visitors will thank you and come back, as often they can. Attract them with value and content, not with roses and lanterns. It is more about serving the audience in a relevant and professional way.

If you are selling on your site, offer reliable payment methods, accept credit cards in any case. Use your website to build authority, credibility, and trust among your visitors and the success will come. Build your website in compliance with 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient. You can’t go wrong.

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Besides using the 13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient become the real master of the website creation, in any niche you desire.

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14 thoughts on “13 pieces of advice to make your website more efficient”

  1. Hi. These tips are really important in making your website more efficient. I especially agree with speed/load time of your site. Nothing irritates me more than a slow-loading site. I immediately click the back button. I also agree with not making your site decorative. People are not interested in the “bells and whistles”. They’re interested in seeing how the site will benefit them. That’s what should be in your header – above the fold.

    • Hi Shalisha!
      Thanks for the comment!
      I am glad you agree with the proposals from the articles.
      Fast loading of the site, easy-to-navigate and to read relevant, up-to-date or any other interesting and valuable content, just a few colors,
      some relevant images and videos, inbound and outbound links, comments, some opt-in forms, and the site are already fine for the audience.

      Easy work?
      Best regards!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the 13 tips. While it’s true there’s no way to absolutely control how long someone will stay on your site, there are things that contribute to them clicking the back button.

    I especially agree with your tip on focusing on content and not, what I call, a bells and whistle site. Bells and whistles detract from the content.

    I also agree that the loading time of the site needs to be super quick. People have a very short attention span and will leave in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for these tips.

    • Hi Shalisha!
      I appreciate your comment.
      There are many factors which decide about the success of your site, article, post as well as about your overall online success!
      Knowing what do do, be persistence, hard working on a regular basis will put you on the right track!

      Thus, improving your knowledge, skills and daily routine is a must for any online marketer, especially for the newbies!
      Same for me.

      Researches for valuable content, editing it and offering it to the audience can help anybody who wants to improve their skills.
      I am glad you like the article.

      Please, feel free to come back to my site and post comments on another article as well.
      Comments can also contribute to my own improvement and the improvement of my content.

      Thanks a lot,
      Best regards!

  3. That means that I will have to take the time and do a site review to ensure that those 13 pointers are a part of it. The time a visitor spends waiting for a site to load really reached me. Then there is the issue of making the domain easy to remember and having the site look professional while at the same time being easy to navigagte. Great pointers.

    • Hi Russel!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it is important to make your site easy to navigate and to load fast. The average searcher is waiting no more then 3-4 seconds after clicking on your uRL, and before jumping to other site if this is not happening.

      I am glad I can contribute with some advices regarding the better performance of the site.

      Best regards!

  4. Hey Igor! This is such a well-written article. Love the fact that you have covered each and every essential aspect. I remember when I started out, I had a lot of trouble in understanding things. When starting out, it is crucial to determine a niche. Anyone who’s new into creating websites would sure find this article super helpful.

    • Thanks Saurav!

      I appreciate your comment. I am glad to help if I can. Helping others I am improving my skills and knowledge as well, in many ways. Yes, starting something, regardless what is it, is always a piece of work. So it is also in this online marketing niche and industry. Knowing some starting points can help in any case. 
      Wish you a lot of success. Feel free to share the article if you like.

      Best regards!

  5. Awesome article. I’ve definitely found that getting feedback/engagement with your visitors is hugely important.

    What have you found works best to get them to engage? Do you ask a question at the end of your posts? Or do you find something else works better?

    • Hi Craig,

      Since I have started my GMT site, 3 months ago, the sessions on the pages grew up to 200 – 350 per week. It makes me happy for now because I am not doing any big promotion, just posting articles after creation on Google+, plus SEO optimization of the site for SE! I hope to grow my traffic by time.

      The most visited page is actually a home page, which starts to be loaded with posts. Some other posts are getting more and more visits (sessions).

      The reason why I am not promoting more intensive is that I want to build my site up with content and than start
      promoting more.

      To answer your questions:
      “What have you found works best to get them to engage? Do you ask a question at the end of your posts? Or do you find something else works better?”:

      I just ask the visitor to leave a comment below the article and I offer help if they need. Besides, I have posted some ads, and on the sidebar widgets with recent posts, some forms. Maybe I could add some more youtube videos, but, That is all for now. Actually, I am pretty much following the training. Right, now I am somewhere at the half of the Bootcamp. The rest so far, I am through!

      I want to keep it simple and easy-to-read for the visitor.

      Best regards!

  6. There’s some great information here. Sometimes I see sites with all the bells and whistles, and I know I’m supposed to feel impressed but it’s annoying when there are moving graphics and distractions all over the place. It really detracts from the message which is why I visited the sit in the first place! Simplicity is key! And yes, content is king!

    • Hi Mellisa,
      thanks a lot for your reply.
      Yes, you are right. Simplicity and right content. User-friendly, not just “user fancy.”
      Too many graphics, videos, and other finery can only distract the user from valuable content.
      Also, the crawlers are crawling text. So, how many texts you need to put “on the image” to get crawled?
      Joking, the alt tag is fine, but the right content is the better way to go.

      Best regards!

    • Hi Tim,
      Awesome. I am glad you like it. This is my goal, to deliver useful content.
      Thanks a lot for your reply. Stay tuned for more.
      Best regards!


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